The Seacrest Wolf Preserve at Chipley, Florida gives visitors a chance to have a hands-on experience with wolves in a safe environment. Know more about the wolves, their habitat, and how to protect their species. At Seacrest, visitors will be met by Gray, British Columbian, and Arctic wolves.

Wolves are friendly animals, and visitors can see this first-hand by booking group walking tours or private walking tours. All activities require reservations. Spending a couple of hours at Seacrest Wolf Preserve is the perfect activity for families!


A Fun And Educational Experience

People don’t usually think of “fun or “educational” when talking about wolves. These animals have a reputation for being quite scary and dangerous. Wolves are natural hunters and can easily hurt or kill prey (at least that’s what they say in books!). At the Seacrest Wolf Preserve, guests will learn about these animals. They might be scary out in the wild, but not all are dangerous. Like every animal in the ecosystem, they serve a purpose, and should therefore be protected.

Private Tours

Private Tours (also known as VIP tours)are conducted from Mondays through Fridays. This tour category allows visitors to have a closer interaction with wolves compared to the others being offered at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve. With the regular tours, visitors have to contend with crowds, lines, and limited interaction with wolves. A private tour allows guests to access enclosed areas. A guide will accompany visitors to ensure their safety and to provide educational information.

Only VIPs are allowed during the weekdays. If you’re on a private tour, you will only encounter fellow VIP groups. The beauty of booking this tour is the ability to get up-close and personal with wolves without having to wait for long lines and time constraints.

  • Fees: $250 per person (minimum of 2 people for a group) | $150 for additional persons

Saturday Group Tours

The Saturday Group Tour is an educational walking tour that tells visitors all they need to know about wolves. During this tour, guests can come in close contact with wolves with the assistance of guides to ensure safety. Seeing wolves in a natural habitat without fences makes the experience feel more authentic and interactive. Do not attempt to enter enclosed areas as it can become a health and safety risk for both humans and animals. Like the Private Group Tour, this tour ends with the Small Animal Adventure where kids can interact with small animals like skunks, foxes, and raccoons. Saturday Group Tours tend to draw the most crowds. Be sure to make a reservation about a month before your intended visit.

  • Fees: $35 per person


  • The Spirit Cabin: Up to 6 people
  • Fan, heater, microwave, coffeemaker, refrigerator, table and chairs
  • Next to the bathouse
  • Can be booked only by guests who participated in the tours
  • Advance reservations required
  • Bring your own pillows and linens
  • $125 for 2 people
  • $50 for each additional person

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Reservations are required to gain access to Seacrest Wolf Preserve. Each tour (group and private) will only take a couple of hours. This is facilitated by guides who will talk about wolves and the local wildlife. As mentioned, reservations are mandatory, whether you plan to do a group tour or a private tour. Arrive at least 1 hour ahead of your schedule to give time for safety briefings and other announcements. Seacrest reserves the right to cancel tours in the event of severe weather conditions like hurricanes and thunderstorms. Check the weather forecast before your visit.

  • Entrance Fees: Adults (12 and above): $25 | Children (6-11 years old): $15
  • Schedule: Seacrest Wolf Preserve will only entertain guests with reservations. The park operates six days a week, but walk-ins are not allowed.
  • Dates closed: Sundays and the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Fourth of July
  • Office Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Dining: On-site food concessionaire for snacks and quick bites.

Where To Stay

There’s a good selection of accommodations for travelers at Chipley and nearby Bonifay. Here are some of the best in the area:

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites: From $107.10 per night
  • Bonifay Estate: From $183 per night
  • Quality Inn Chipley: From $68.68 per night
  • Super 8 by Wyndham Chipley: From $70 per night
  • Days inn by Wyndham Chipley: From $55.25 per night

Nearby Attractions

A tour can last from two to four hours, which leaves you a lot of time to explore more sites and try other activities. Drive 90 minutes to Tallahassee, 45 minutes to Panama or 30 minutes to Bonifay. Here are some of the best places to go before or after your trip to Seacrest:

  • Washington County Historical Museum
  • Falling Waters State Park
  • Orange Hill Gator Farm
  • Holmes Creek Canoe Livery
  • Blue Lake
  • Boat Lake
  • Blue Springs Recreation Area
  • Sunny Hills Golf Club

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Why You Should Go

The Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida provides animal enthusiasts the opportunity to get close to different species of wolves. Shake off the fear of wolves and wild animals by learning more about their nature and knowing more about the role they play in the earth’s ecosystem. Seacrest Wolf Preserve will provide a unique experience that is both fun, educational, and truly unforgettable.

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