The first thing that comes to mind when Kissimmee is mentioned is arguably the unlimited gorgeous attractions to experience and the epic adventures. However, apart from the many incredible things to do and see, there is another side, a wild one that has captivated locals and tourists alike. Kissimmee is home to diverse wildlife. From beautiful birds to elusive panthers, rare white ibis, boat-tailed grackles, and alligators, it has a lot to offer. Here are ten destinations to see wildlife in Kissimmee.

10 Kissimmee Prairie Preserve And State Park

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve and State Park boasts a big, picturesque nature center. The landscape is impressive. It arguably supports the biggest remaining population of Florida Grasshopper Sparrows. It has other species of dry prairies, such as Mottled Ducks, Sandhill Cranes, white-tailed kites, crested caracaras, burrowing owls, and Bachman's sparrows. Visitors will be delighted to see alligators, armadillos, gopher tortoise, owls, foxes, raccoons, and wild turkeys, among others. Visitors should also watch out for bobcats, the rare indigo snake, and many songbirds.

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9 Wildlife On Lake Toho

Florida has a distinct ecosystem that incorporates unusual and gorgeous wildlife species that are rare to see in their natural habitat. Lake Toho is worth visiting because it offers an opportunity for visitors to come closer to Florida’s fauna. The lake is an oasis of wildlife, and visitors will be pleasantly surprised by its huge collection. The 23,000-acre fishing lake is well-known for its professional bass fishing competitions and birdwatching opportunities. The lake’s indigenous wildlife includes alligators, wading birds, turtles, ospreys, bald eagles, and largemouth bass. A private guided tour will give visitors a chance to see these wild animals while cruising on a boat leading to the first fishing spot.

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8 Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Parks

The park has incredible habitats and heritage begging to be explored. It boasts more than 200 indigenous and exotic animals. Kids can spend dreamy days feeding and gaining insight into the petting zoo’s baby animals. Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Parks prides itself in hosting animals such as giraffes, zebra, eland antelope, scimitar Oryx, American bison, and mouflon sheep, among others.

7 Shingle Creek Regional Park

It comes as no surprise that Shingle Creek Regional Park is a top destination to visit in Florida. The urban oasis is tucked away at the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades and is made up of numerous properties and parcels bought via the conservation efforts of Osceola County. The park can be navigated by foot, bicycle, or boat. Visitors can expect to see the North American river otter, American alligator, yellow-bellied slider, white-tailed deer, and great blue heron.

6 Osceola Schools Environmental Study Center

Visitors can create interesting memories at Osceola Schools Environmental Study Center. This hidden gem is home to a wide range of wild animals. Visitors can spot otters, snakes, bobcats, and even turkeys. On a good day, visitors can catch a glimpse of turtles and alligators. There are also all kinds of birds, including great blue heron, ibis, snowy egets, and three varieties of woodpeckers.

5 Twin Oaks Conservation Area

The 370-acre parcel is the ultimate destination for visitors looking for tranquility. It offers a two-mile walking trail, horseman paths, platforms for wildlife viewing and fishing, and incredible places for picnicking. Established in 2013, this public land was initially used for cattle ranching. Here, visitors can see bald eagles, swallows, turkey vultures, boat-tailed grackles, red-tailed hawks, loggerhead shrikes, sandhill cranes, and the occasional woodpecker or owl.

4 Discovery Cove

Visitors yearning for a unique experience can head straight to Discovery Cove, which is a short drive away. Here, guests are granted an opportunity to check out bottlenose dolphins, feed tropical birds, or play inches away from a family of otters. A guided tour leads visitors behind the scenes to have a one-on-one interaction with the birds and small mammals. Guests can also see curious marmoset monkeys and playful Asian river otters in the park’s most recent aquatic adventure, Freshwater Oasis.

3 The Disney Wilderness Preserve

The more than 1,000 native Florida animal species in the Disney Wilderness Preserve will blow away the mind of visitors. Visitors will marvel at rare species such as the bald eagle, red-cockaded woodpecker, wood stork, sandhill crane, and the elusive Florida Scrub Jay. It is also home to the Southeastern big-eared bat, Eastern indigo snake, Sherman’s fox squirrel, and the gopher tortoise. This place is around 13.8 miles from Kissimmee.

2 Split Oak Forest

Split Oak Forest rewards visitors with numerous state-protected wildlife species, and it’s only 16 miles from Kissimme. Visitors can expect to see the gopher tortoise, Sherman’s fox squirrel, and sandhill crane. Toward the Lake Look overlooking the lake pond, there are spectacular viewing platforms for wading birds. Visitors may also spot the white-tailed deer and wild turkeys in the region. Other animals include the Eastern Coachwhip snake, brown-headed nuthatch, red-headed woodpecker, gray fox, and a box turtle.

1 Spirit Of The Swamp

A luxury boat tour, sailing via a picturesque intrinsic paradise of swamps while enjoying incredible wildlife, will reward visitors with unforgettable memories. Tourists will marvel at the great views of both small and big alligators. However, visitors should avoid this charming destination when the weather is too hot since alligators hide away from the heat.