The Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis, is one of the most fascinating and mysterious phenomenons in the world. On a good night, in parts of the world with little to no light pollution, a few lucky people get to witness a magnificent light show in the sky, called the Northern Lights. Some lucky stargazers even get to stay overnight in a mini planetarium!

The mesmerizing light show happens when tiny particles collide with particles that already exist in Earth's Atmosphere. Not only do the Northern lights give scientists and astronomers something to think about, but professional photographers and novice sky watchers come from miles around just to spend time trying to capture the elusive designs that paint the sky. From Iceland to Lake Michigan, here are some of the rarest and best spots to see the eerie Northern lights.

11 Fairbanks Knows How To Keep It Cool And Green

Fairbanks, Alaska is a great place to see the northern lights, it's also a great place to see glaciers before they melt, which some people surprisingly still don't think is happening. After taking a relatively small road trip one can get a great shot of the Northern Lights above the ice and snow. This trip is a great trip for photographers, but bring a wide-angle lens.

10 Canada Doesn't Mess Around When It Comes To Sky Watching

The best part about seeing the Northern Lights in Canada is that there isn't just one place or time of year they can be seen. Not only can one catch a glimpse at the lights in the Canadian Rockies, but in Alberta as well. It just depends on the time of year. If planned right one can do both.

9 It's Best To Scope Out Spots Around The Arctic Circle

Any place within the Arctic Circle is a great place to see the Northern Lights because the Arctic Circle is literally the Northernmost circle of latitude around Earth without being the North Pole. Unfortunately, the North Pole is difficult to get to and has intense weather conditions with limited visibility.

8 No Doubt Norway Knows How To Keep The Lights On

Parts of Norway are right in the center of the path of the Northern Lights, because of this seeing the lights are highly likely and most predictable here. Not only are the lights visible, but most frequent in Norway, which makes this spot best for photographers interested in getting the perfect shot, with the most tries.

7 Isle Of Skye Has The Least Amount Of Light Pollution

Scottland is known for having some of the darkest skies in the world. Especially, in the Isle of Skye. Since there is less light pollution, which is caused by city lights, skywatchers, astronomers, and photographers can make the most of the dark sky and get the perfect shot or lie back and watch the show.

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6 The Skies In Iceland Stay Lit Like A Dance Floor

Since Iceland is the southernmost part of the Arctic Circle, this magnificent country, which is a one-stop-shop for all things impressive and natural, boasts an almost every night light show. With the right gear, car, and provisions, it's almost possible to travel around Iceland, but still not get enough pictures.

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5 The Skies Above Greenland Are As Green As It Gets

Greenland, the largest island on Earth, may not be green yet, but the skies above Greenland offer a neon green light show whenever the Northern Lights come in. When people aren't monitoring the melting forecast, which is available in real-time online, they can admire the light show bouncing off the snow, which has a glowing effect.

4 Russian Skies Offers More Than Just Cold Nights

There are quite a few places to see the Aurora Borealis in Russia. Since the Northern Lights are also charted in a forecast, which is available online, it's easy to predict where they will be. This allows avid sky watchers to travel to parts of the country with the densest and visible light show. Instead of a haze of green, there could be more.

3 Lake Michigan's Light Show Is Seriously Underrated

Not many people think of Lake Michigan when they think of the Northern lights, but those who can't travel to the far ends of the Earth to see the Northern lights can easily make it to Michigan. Once the Northern Lights dance over the water there is a cool mirror effect, of course, weather permitting.

2 Finland Is A Fine Land For Viewing The Lights

Finland is definitely high on the list of places to watch the Northern lights, but Finland is also known for being the kind of place which requires being in the right place at the right time, but with a little planning there's no reason one can't catch the lights before they dissipate.

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1 Estonia Gets The Job Done By Offering A Small Taste

The Northern lights are few and far between in Estonia, but worth it. Since water from the peninsula reflects off the lights, one could capture an epic pic just by planning ahead. Not only would it best to check the light forecast, but also post up earlier in the day before sunset.

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