There are some really cool things to do in this world. Some of the things one may not even have thought of as even possible. Riding elephants? Asian Elephants for sure, but African Elephants? Everyone knows you can't ride African elephants! Always stay away from the lions! So walking with them, holding their tails, posing with them, and petting them? Not in your life! How about walking with cheetahs on a leash like a dog?

Well, all of these are possible at Mukuni Big 5 Safari in Livingstone in Zambia. Livingstone is the gateway to the mighty Victoria Falls and the stunning Zambezi River. Kayaking and white water rafting on the Zambezi are known as one of the best in the world - one where one can see crocodiles lining the banks of the river!


Walking With Lions

Walking, touching, posing, and petting the lions is perhaps the greatest draw of the incredible attractions that Mukuni Big 5 Safari offers. One will be with very experienced guides who will thoroughly brief the tourists in safety and how to behave about the kitties. The lions are all very well fed and very much used to people and do not see them as a threat or as potential food. Zambia is one of the best places to see lions.

  • Age: Young Lions Less Than 3 Years Old
  • Retired: Lions Are Retired As They Reach Sexual Maturity

All the lions are young lions, they are retired when they reach around 3 years old. As young lions they are submissive, once they reach sexual maturity, they start to become dominating and it becomes unsafe to walk with them.

  • Never: Get In Front Of The Lions
  • Do: Touch, Pet, Pose, Stroke, and (When Walking) Hold Their Tails

With the lions, one should never stand close in front of them or get in front of them at all. One always stays behind them. The lions are told to relax on the ground and then tourists can come behind them, crouch down on the ground and pat and pet them (firmly is better). The guides are very attentive. They are constantly watching the lions and making sure they are distracted with rope and string and other toys like any kitty.

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After patting and petting them on the ground, it's time for walking with them. One must walk behind them and one can hold their tails.

  • Safety: Every Everything Is Very Safe

Mukuni Big 5 Safari is dedicated to conservation and lions and other animals are part of a conservation breeding program. Once they are old enough they are released into the wild and the program is preparing them for that.

  • Project: Part Of A Conservation Project

The money one pays to walk with the lions etc. helps fund these conservation efforts.

  • Cost: $140.00 Per Person

Walking With Cheetahs

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth and they are much smaller than lions (lions kill cheetahs in the wild). With Mukuni Big 5 Safari one can pet, touch, pose, and walk with the Cheetah on a lease (the lions are not kept on a leash).

The African cheetah is endangered and this makes it all the more special. Imagine strolling around in the African bush with a Cheetah? One will learn all about their conservation program so that they can ensure these magnificent cats still have a future in the wilds of Africa.

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African Elephant Rides

African elephants are very different from their Asian elephant relatives. Generally, it is not possible to ride African elephants. In the wild African elephants are extremely dangerous and one should never get close to one.

  • African Elephants: Extremely Dangerous In The Wild
  • Largest: African Elephants are The Largest Land Animals In The world

But here with Mukuni Big 5 Safaris, one can actually ride them. One will always be with their every experience handlers and one can learn all about the largest beasts on the African continent - or anywhere on land in the world.

Another option is to have breakfast with the elephant. Visitors can interact with their herd of gentle giants and watch them in their natural environment while enjoying a delicious breakfast in the bush.

  • Cost: Inquire On their Website (Likely around $140)
  • Note: Riding The Elephants and Having Breakfast With Them Are Two Different Activities

For having breakfast with the elephants, guests are picked up from their lodges and brought to the bush where they can enjoy breakfast on the fire. Watch out as the elephants may snatch one's apples or bananas for a tasty morsel!

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