The Hudson Valley is one of America's National Heritage Areas. It has inspired poets, novelists, essayists, and painters for centuries. The oldest continuous settlement in America, Forever Wild Catskill Park, is located in the Hudson Valley. Stretching from Westchester County to Albany, this valley follows the Hudson River. It's a major tourist attraction with awe-inspiring views during the fall.

Guests who travel to any of the valley's great spots will experience the magic of the fall foliage. So, here are ten places in Hudson Valley where guests can capture stunning photos.

10 Bear Mountain State Park

The fall foliage at the Bear Mountain State Park is a must-see for New Yorkers and autumn visitors. The Perkins Memorial Tower gives tourists an experience they will never forget. Getting there requires driving up the 40-foot stone or climbing the steps toward the observation windows. Those feeling extra ambitious may try hiking to the top. Aside from the fall foliage, tourists should visit the Bear Mountain Zoo.

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9 Rockland Lake State Park

This amazing park is located near Hook Mountain on the west bank of the Hudson River. It has a water complex with a 25,000-square-foot swimming pool complete with diving boards. There are two water slides and a spray ground adjacent to the pool for kids. The park has picnic areas, grills, and tables for families and couples enjoying the fall foliage. For hikers, the hiking trails here will be the highlight of the visit as they'll enjoy mind-blowing views of the Hudson River and the yellowish vegetation.

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8 High Tor State Park

High Tor State Park is one of the most relaxing travel spots for tourists looking to enjoy the fall foliage in New York. It's the perfect weekend destination for a family. The facility allows guests to enjoy hiking, swimming, and picnicking while taking in the spectacular views of the Hudson River. While buses aren't allowed into the park, guests arriving as a group can book a passenger van with a maximum capacity of 15 people.

7 Haverstraw Bay Park

This 27-acre park borders the Hudson River allowing guests to enjoy water-based activities with a specific area for launching boats. There are plenty of picnic facilities for families, couples, and groups. Some key factors that make Haverstraw Bay Park irresistible are fishing piers, walking trails, playgrounds, and an open-air pavilion. The outdoor-centric nature of the park makes it perfect for experiencing fall foliage.

6 Stony Point Battlefield

A visit to the Hudson Valley should cover more than one activity if a tourist opts for a spot like Stony Point Battlefield. This site is considered a historic spot where the Battle of Stony Point occurred. Brigadier General Anthony Wayne matched the Continental Light Infantry at midnight seizing the British Calvary in 1779. In addition to the historical value, tourists can enjoy the fall foliage as they explore 18th-century military artifacts such as muskets, cannons, and blacksmith decorations.

5 Trophy Point

One of the most visited areas in West Point is Trophy Point. It has been used for displaying weapons since the American Revolutionary War. As a well-preserved site, Trophy Point has beautiful vegetation cover. The fall foliage attracts many tourists annually. Other facilities and services offered at the spot include tennis games, an amphitheater, West Point Hotel, and cadet training.

4 Winding Hills Park

This beautiful park is located in Montgomery. It has a picturesque character perfect for couples and families that enjoy the outdoor environment. Tourists looking to take amazing Instagram photos will not be disappointed. Some must-try activities include camping, boating, winter sports, and fishing. Winding Hills Park has plenty of amenities such as picnic tables, benches, ice skating, and horseshoe pits.

3 Long Dock Park

The Long Dock Park is a scenic site in the Hudson Valley that makes a perfect getaway for couples and families. This riverfront destination provides an amazing fall foliage experience. While it's not a historic war site, it has an inspiring background associated with the creation of the peninsula in the 1800s. The dock was constructed to facilitate ferrying rail cars across the Hudson River. The park was once an oil terminal, junkyard, and salt-storage area. It has since been transformed into a beautiful vacation spot after lots of cleaning up and rehabilitation. Guests can enjoy activities such as kayaking, picnics, and camping.

2 The Hudson Walkway

Tourists who want to experience and take glamorous fall foliage photos don't have to restrict themselves to a specific park. The Hudson Walkway is a steel cantilever bridge across the Hudson River. It connects the Highland with the Poughkeepsie. The Walkway is the world's longest elevated bridge for pedestrian use. It provides some of the best views since tourists aren't restricted.

1 Fort Montgomery State Historic Site

This site marked a fierce battle for the control of the Hudson River. During the Revolutionary War, British and Hessian forces heavily outnumbered American patriots. Many of the patriots were captured or killed. Families and groups visiting this site will be delighted with displays, including artillery and musketry. They'll also engage in regular activities such as camping, music, and games.