Looking for the most impressive places for fall foliage in Europe? Well, Autumn is a great time for a vacation, and while New England is the first place many people think about, Europe boasts some of the world’s most beautiful places to see fall foliage. The natural landscapes turn into beautiful colors, and one can still enjoy great weather without having to deal with summer crowds. Autumn is an excellent time to go hiking some of the best trails in Europe. Walk through beautiful forests full of pine, explore some of the world's most spectacular canyons, explore the summits, and enjoy the breathtaking views of fall colors bordering the mountains and rivers. Here are the 10 places to see the best fall foliage throughout Europe.

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10 Kirchzarten, Germany

Located in southwestern Germany, Kirchzarten is a small town and an unusual tourist destination. Bordered on all sides by the famous Black Forest mountain range, travelers can reach this town in 20 minutes from just outside the university city of Freiburg. Cycling or biking along the trails through the woods is a great way of exploring the fall colors. Recognized for its thermal bathhouses and traditional spas, Kirchzarten is also a perfect place to relax and unwind after spending hours outdoors.

9 Blenio Valley, Switzerland

Switzerland’s Blenio Valley turns into reds, yellows, and oranges, a perfect palette of colors. This valley gives travelers the opportunity of strolling between beautiful vineyards and forests to discover the fall foliage. The weather becomes pleasant in fall, and visitors can explore some of Blenio’s best attractions. Visit Serravalle Castle and discover its ruins in a beautifully relaxing atmosphere. A plethora of breathtaking landscapes awaits in the lower valley.

8 Zurich, Switzerland

Apart from discovering the fall foliage, the best part about visiting Zurich in autumn is that it's the off-peak season, so travelers can fly cheap to the destination. Upon landing in Zurich, the most impressive way of exploring the scenic surrounding is hiring a car and going on a road trip. Take a ride around the Zurich canton and enjoy the breathtaking forests and hills displaying jaw-dropping colors of fall foliage. This area also boasts scenic lakes and rivers found between the forests. From there, drive towards Klöntalersee, a beautiful lake with stunning surrounding waterfalls. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts several incredible hiking trails.

7 Granada, Spain

Located in the Sierra Nevada, Granada is a beautiful historic city full of charm and boasts beautiful fall colors, especially from its popular Mirador de San Nicolas. Alhambra is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Grenada in the fall. The forest of the Alhambra shows the golden autumn colors, giving travelers an opportunity of appreciating the beauty of the season. Boasting over 60 different species of plants growing together, this forest will leave every visitor in awe as they step on the crunchy brown leaves fallen from laurels, elms, and chestnuts.

6 Krakow, Poland

Poland is known for its vibrant autumn leaves, and visiting Krakow is the perfect way to see the most colorful plants. For more magnificent fall foliage views, drive just north of the city to a small national park, Ojcówski, and enjoy the perfect Golden Autumn display. The space is small, but its landscapes are unique and contain the most spectacular autumn colors one can find in Krakow. Golden Autumn is the name given to Poland's fall leaves, and Ojcówski is the best place to see it all.

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5 Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire is a haven for nature lovers and can easily make it to the top for its natural scenery. Also referred to as the Big Tree Country, thanks to its breathtaking autumn views, this historic county is worth exploring in the fall. The place hosts some of the most impressive forests featuring spectacular waterfalls and magnificent mountain peaks. Hermitage is one of the country's most popular spots to see the changing colors of leaves.

4 Douro Valley, Portugal

At Douro Valley, a visitor gets an incredible chance to explore the autumn colors and taste different wines. The beautiful vineyards display perfect greens in summer, but when autumn arrives, the landscapes turn into yellows and oranges, creating a striking scenery to behold. While fall is usually perceived as the best off-peak time to explore Portugal, it is also the perfect time to enjoy the country’s natural landscapes at their most spectacular!

3 Tyrol, Austria

Tyrol is glowing in all seasons, but there is something magical about visiting this region in autumn. The summer vacationers have left, and winter skiers are preparing to visit, so there is a lot of space to roam around. Tyrol boasts several incredible forests, which shine in different vibrant colors, ranging from golden yellow to deep red. Biking, cycling, and hiking let tourists discover the area’s villages and wild regions. It is also a perfect time to attend festivals and feats with the locals, experiencing their traditional foods and dances.

2 Lake District, England

The Lake District is known to attract visitors at any time of the year, but in autumn, it becomes more special than ever! Receiving 15.8 million tourists every year, Lake District’s flourishing vegetation and rolling hills glow in fall, showing unique shades of reds, oranges, yellows, and purples, offering endless photo opportunities. An added advantage is the incredible hiking trails travelers can walk through to explore the beauty surrounding this area. Buttermere and Tarn Hows are some of the Lake District’s best places to have the most impressive autumn experience.

1 Turin, Italy

Turin is easily one of the best places to see fall foliage throughout Europe and enjoy the good weather. It is among the warmer regions in Europe, giving visitors a fantastic opportunity to stroll around while taking in the breathtaking copper, yellow, and red colors of leaves across the city. The city is surrounded by rivers, parks, and boulevards, having spectacular colors and natural beauty to behold. Turin was Italy’s first capital and boasts more than ten palaces. Fall is the best season t explore these places and walk around their gorgeous gardens.