Pirates capture the imagination of children and adults alike. There's something about the romanticized popular perception of the life of pirates that has long since captivated the public imagination. Innumerable movies have been made romanticizing the life of these free spirits of the seas. They are popular with kids and parents alike. What better family activity than a family pirate cruise together?

Around coastal America, there are numerous "pirate" ships and pirate cruises waiting for the whole family as well as other pirate-themed tours. There is actually a real pirate ship sunk off the coast of Massachusetts read about the captivating story of how that happened. Amazingly, the HMS Interceptor seen in the Pirates Of The Caribbean is a real ship and you can sail on her.


Buccaneer Pirate Cruise

One option is with Buccaneer Pirate Cruise. They offer a pirate-themed boat tour in Harbor Walk Village in Destin, Florida. Embark on their Destin Pirate Ship Cruises - an epic family adventure searching for undiscovered treasure. See the smiles and excitement on one's family's faces with the excitement and adventure.

On these cruises, the skipper and the mates amuse the crew with many pirate-themed activities, singing, dancing, and more. Those willing will be trained in sword fighting, water gun battles, authentic cannon fire, and a treasure hunt.

One can choose what sort of Scallawag they would like to be. Earn their honorary status as a member of the Buccaneer Crew by plundering and swabbing the decks. Alternatively, just kick back and relax.

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  • Age: All Ages
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Location: Harbor Walk Village, Florida
  • Adult: $39.99 (Aged 15 to 60)
  • Senior: $35.99 (Aged 60 and Over)
  • Child: $22.00 (Aged 4 to 14)
  • Toddler: $1.00 (Aged 3 And Under)

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Charleston Pirate Tours

Charleston Pirate Tours are not on a boat but are walking tours in the historic city of Charleston. Here one can imagine doing the plundering part of pirating. Charleston Ghost and Pirate Tour is a fun ghost tour - but with pirates.

This is a tour that will be the family outing that the kids are sure to remember for years to come. Charleston boasts over 300 years of history that spans the Colonial Period, the War of Independence, and the Civil War. It is a city boasting a vast trove of genuine pirate stories and ghost tales based on historical events - not to mention the Gullah lore.

Tour Charleston with one's funny tour guides clad in period apparel through the streets of one of the nation's most haunted cities. The tour includes admission to the Powder Magazine Museum.

  • Parrots: Unfortunately Parrots Do Not Accompany This Tour
  • When: Monday To Sunday at 7:30 pm
  • Adults: $25.00
  • Children: $15.00 (Under 12 Years Of Age)

Blue Foot Pirate Adventures

Another Florida Pirate tour is with Blue Foot Pirate Adventures. They offer their 1 Hour Family Pirate Cruise and is another exhilarating swashbucklin' gange of pirates out on a cruise in the warm waters of Florida. Have extra fun by arriving 30 minutes prior to the sail time and have the kids decked out in painted nautical tattoos so that they feel like real pirates as they hit the high seas.

To add to the atmosphere, come dressed in pirate costumes or buy them at their local salty sea swag shop. It's smooth sailing from start to finish with the kids being thrilled with treasure hunts and other entertainment. For adult pirates, feel free to chat with the skipper and learn about the local area.

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  • Ages: All Ages
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Special Deal: Tuesday to Thursday Buy One Get One 50% off
  • Max Passengers: 49
  • Price: $28.00 Per Single Passenger
  • Infants: $12.50 (Aged 2 and Under)
  • Private Charter: $795.00

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Black Pearl Pirate Tours

Not in Flordia? Black Pearl Pirate Tours is based in Beach Haven, New Jersey, and is a great option for a family day out. They offer their Interactive Pirate Excursion where the kids are transformed into little pirates with temporary tattoos and pirate attire.

Watch as the kids learn how to talk, dance, sing, and play games like true buccaneers of the high seas. Watch as the battle is joined between Captain Salty with his crew and Pirate Pete who has stolen the keys to the treasure chest. The battle will be won with the aid of the children firing 12 powerful water cannons at those thieving pirates. But not before Pete fires back in the water fight battle.

  • Price: $23.00 (All Ages)
  • Where: Beach Haven, New Jersey
  • Features: Pirate Water Fight Battle
  • Treasure: At The End Of The Battle The Treasure is Shared

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The world of pirates captures the imagination - even if in the real world they were desperate men, without special accents, small fast ships, and never actually burying their treasure. If on the West Coast - sail on the Lady Washington aka HMS Interceptor.

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