Vermont is big on vacations, thanks to its charming landscapes, alluring attractions, and friendly locals. The Green Mountains are a towering presence in the state. Add the pristine Lake Champlain and the lush valleys, and nature lovers can consider Vermont their home away from home. Exploring the forest areas of this landlocked destination means having a peaceful time with the environment.

Tourism is one of the largest industries of Green Mountain State, so travelers can rest easy knowing they are in good hands. Even its small towns have reliable accommodations and perfect tourist spots that make for a satisfying vacation. Viva, Vermont!

10 Chester

For those who want to have a weekend filled with fun, the town of Chester is ready to serve guests.

The Williams River passes through this Green Mountain community, making it an exciting recreational destination for friends, families, and solo travelers. Its cool waters await swimmers while the riverbanks are the perfect spot to cast a line.

Sightseers are in for a treat, too, as the town has two historic districts where they can check out granite houses, Victorian homes, and other abodes that are architecturally wonderful. In Chester, everything is charming.

9 Stowe

Skiers are probably familiar with Stowe, the “Ski Capital of the East.” Its location between Mount Mansfield and the Green Mountains makes it the perfect playground for snow-heads.

This charmer’s most famous attractions include Stowe Mountain Resort and Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum.

When winter says goodbye, the town’s recreation trail and the Cady Hill Forest are ready to be with hikers, bikers, and walkers. Stowing away in Stowe means having a good time, whatever the season and the reason.

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8 Woodstock

The 900 residents of Woodstock are always eager to have guests around, especially since the village is a place where relaxation is omnipresent. Why so?

Tourists should imagine this: the breeze from the Ottauquechee River will accompany them during breakfast.

After a morning inspiration, they will stroll along the historic district to get the vibe of the town. They can also start their day hiking, horseback riding, or biking along scenic trails and farms.

If they plan to fish, the river is fine. If they want to ski or snowshoe, the trails are enticing. In Woodstock, fun stays with the seasons.

7 Middlebury

Small but visible. That can be the motto of Middlebury, a town teeming with attractions and institutions. Aside from its educational landmarks, this Vermont wonder has such attractions as a history museum, memorials, and a tiny cactus garden.

It's surrounded by Mother Nature's artworks, namely, Green Mountains, Otter Creek, Middlebury River, Chipman Hill, and the Champlain Valley — all working together to deliver worthwhile memories for tourists of varying tastes.

Whether visitors want to explore the town or be one with nature, Middlebury is a top choice.

6 Burke

During winter, Burke turns into a snow paradise, thanks to the trails of Burke Mountain that will challenge yet satisfy skiers. Traveling the cross-country paths will take skiers along scenic views where they can rediscover the meaning of winter wonderland.

When the ice thaws, the town becomes a warming place where sunshine is a playmate.

Since the village is hugged by mountains and lakes, hikers and swimmers can have inspiring moments whether they want to break a sweat or just relax by the shore. Burke’s the best.

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5 Dorset

For a small town, Dorset has a lot of stories to tell. For starters, it is home to the historic Cephas Kent's Dwelling, which played a role in the establishment of the Vermont Republic and later statehood.

The town is also the site of the oldest marble quarry in the United States. Another one of its proud moments is that it was the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson.

Those are just the start because the Taconic Mountains, Batten Kill, Otter Creek, and other Dorset nature spots are also waiting for curious tourists.

4 Warren

Those visiting Warren would want to pass by the iconic Warren Covered Bridge, a structure so strong and symbolic. The Mad River passes through town, and though it’s named as such, it brings joy.

Nestled in the Green Mountains, this community is most famous for the Sugarbush Resort, one of the largest in the region.

Winter travelers will enjoy the terrains of the valley, while those coming during other seasons have the scenic Long Trail at their disposal. Warren aims to wow.

3 Putney

Historic buildings abound in Putney, making it a haven for history buffs. Its historic district has various structures that will impress lovers of architectural wonders.

Among the humble buildings are a Victorian house, another one with a Greek Revival style, the Italianate town hall, and a theater that was once a livery stable.

The town is bordered by the Connecticut River in the east, with its breeze encouraging tourists to walk more, so they can understand why Putney is a place of peace.

2 Waitsfield

Waitsfield is worth a visit because of its stunning scenery. Located in the valley of Mad River and hugged by the Green Mountains, this town knows how to use such landscapes to impress tourists.

Since it is near the ski resorts of Sugarbush and Mad River Glen, many travelers opt to stay here when having winter fun.

When the snow disappears, there's the river where tourists can swim or have a picnic by the side. Waitsfield is worth the wait.

1 Grafton

Grafton has a small-town vibe because it only has 645 residents. As such, this hospitable community is more than eager to welcome tourists who want to check out why the place is charming.

Aside from the pristine Saxtons River, the town has the scenic Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center for those who want to break a sweat; a lush garden; welcoming farms; fun-filled museums; and enriching galleries.

This Vermont destination is small but big on surprises. Grafton is a sweet escape.