The stunning Lakes Region in New Hampshire has always been an incredible destination for outdoorsy types and nature enthusiasts. With its endless lakes, mountain ranges, outdoor recreation, and every kind of resort imaginable, the NH Lakes Region is truly something special all year round.

But for those looking to experience this one-of-a-kind picturesque region in all its autumn beauty, there is definitely no time like the present. To ensure you have one amazing autumn adventure, here are the ten places to explore in New Hampshire's Lakes Region in the fall that will leave you awestruck and ready to plan next year's Lakes Region getaway.

10 North Woodstock

Located in the gorgeous White Mountains, the small village of North Woodstock is an absolute must-see.

This quaint little town is truly an unspoiled paradise bursting with beautiful autumn hues, foliage, stunning shorelines, unique shops, ample dining options, and seasonal attractions.

Of course, North Woodstock tends to get a little busier during the fall, but that only adds to the overall charming vibe of this NH Lakes Region location.

So if you always wanted to feel like you've stepped into a timeless autumn landscape painting, now is your chance.

9 Lake Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

Travelers on the hunt for the best fall foliage will be delighted to know that they don't have to look very hard in the NH Lakes Region.

With an abundance of exceptional landscapes brimming with brilliant hues and sparkling lakes, an autumn feast for the eyes is practically around every corner.

One way to see all this lovely region offers is by hopping on the train and coasting along the Lake Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad. Aboard, visitors can marvel at all the breathtaking scenery and check out a variety of attractions along the way.

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8 Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves

For nature lovers and adventurers looking to delve deep into this region, the Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves is a wonderful place to start.

This seasonal ravine park offers visitors a chance to appreciate nature and the unique beauty of the NH Lakes Region.

With more than a few stunning nature-filled sights to see, a one-mile wooden boardwalk loop, fascinating boulder caves, a tree house, beautiful viewpoints, and so much more, a self-guided tour through this park is definitely a great way to take in the fall.

7 Kancamagus Highway & White Mountain National Forest

Another place to check out in the NH Lakes Region that's simply pristine in the fall is the White Mountain National Forest via the Kancamagus Highway.

For explorers who love windy scenic drives, this NH route is the perfect way to see this mountainous area. Here, travelers can cruise along this scenic route, marvel at sweeping views, and experience both natural and man-made attractions in White Mountain National Forest.

As an added bonus, Rocky Gorge, Lower Falls, and Sabbaday Falls are scenic spots that are easily accessible from this area.

6 The Town Of Lincoln

This former logging town has a rich history and otherworldly landscapes and offers just about every kind of recreational activity available.

Dating back to the 18th century, Lincoln is an excellent addition to the itinerary for outdoorsy types, history buffs, or anyone looking to take in all the fall foliage.

Here, visitors can check out the numerous national parks, including Franconia Notch, explore the White Mountains (on foot or via mountain bike), go hiking, hit the resort, do some first-rate adventuring, and even grab a bite to eat at the nearby Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train.

5 West Rattlesnake Mountain

For travelers looking to experience a New Hampshire hiking trail that offers the most bang for your buck, West Rattlesnake Mountain is where it's at.

With legendary sweeping views of famous lakes (Lake Winnipesaukee and Squam Lake), Baker River Valley, surrounding fields, forested land, foliage galore, and more, a medium size hike along this mountain won't disappoint.

That said, beginner hikers should note that this stunning range is rather steep. So if you are up for the challenge, then come check out the changing of the leaves from this particularly fantastic viewpoint.

4 Georgiana Falls

The nice thing about a trip out to Georgiana Falls is you don't have to be an avid hiker to marvel at this natural wonder. Yet another short hike, the journey out to Georgiana Falls is well worth it, especially during fall.

Not only are these popular falls less crowded than they would be in the summer months, but they are also even more spectacular with the surrounding foliage.

Plus, if you are feeling extra adventurous, there is another cascading waterfall further up the mountain, also known as Harvard Falls.

3 Castle In The Clouds

A charming estate in the NH Lakes Region, Castle in the Clouds is a delight, no matter the season. But particularly in autumn, this historic estate in Moultonborough offers visitors one amazing view filled with scenic foliage, mountain peaks, lush distant valleys, shimmering lakes, and so much more.

While visiting, fall lovers should make it a point to roam around this lovely estate, see all the seasonal décor, and join in on all the available outdoor activities (horseback riding, hiking, etc.).

Castle in the Clouds also has an onsite restaurant with seasonal cuisine for those who prefer some dinner with their phenomenal view.

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2 Winnipesaukee Belle At The Wolfeboro Inn

For explorers looking to see this picturesque region and all of its fall time delight port side, a scenic 90-minute cruise aboard the Winnipesaukee Belle, a replica 19th-century paddleboat, should do the trick.

Here nature enthusiasts and water lovers can enjoy unspoiled lake views surrounded by lush landscapes proudly displaying a stunning array of autumn hues.

Of course, NH Lakes Region visitors can also opt to take it easy and enjoy a little leisure time lakeside at The Wolfeboro Inn for an equally memorable fall experience.

1 The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

Last but not least, located in Holderness, NH Lakes Region explores can check out The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

This zoo and nature museum hybrid of sorts is a beautiful place to visit, especially in the fall. Here visitors can take in all the surrounding fall scenery, gorgeous foliage, and sweater weather while enjoying the various hiking and forest trails.

Plus, nature lovers can also spot a few bobcats, mountain lions, bald eagles, and black bears—if they look hard enough.

Sound interesting? Then stop by The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center this fall.