Getting inked in Thailand is one of the many reasons people visit this beautiful land. Due to the rich culture of skillful tattooing, Thailand has become the world's premier tattoo destination. Even though it is famed for being the best in tattooing, choosing the right tattoo studio is a little tricky.

Getting a tattoo in the Land of Smiles makes an everlasting memory. The article will provide information about tattooing and where to visit for the best tattooing experience for travelers visiting Thailand.


How Safe Is It To Get A Tattoo In Thailand?

Although travelers can find plenty of tattoo shops in Thailand, many do not follow basic hygiene and safety standards. Therefore, choosing a reliable tattoo studio that uses sterilized equipment, knows proper hygiene practices, and how to avoid the spread of bodily fluid is essential.

So, getting a tattoo in Thailand is safe only when you use a trusted shop.

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Price Of Getting A Tattoo In Thailand

Generally, the price of getting a tattoo depends upon different factors, such as the size and details of the tattoo and how trained the artist is. However, compared to American or European countries, Thailand's price is fairly less. But, at the same time, if one is visiting a high-profile tattoo studio with highly trained and experienced tattoo artists, expect a higher price than Western countries.

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What Are Thai Buddhist Tattoos?

People visiting Thailand often want to get a traditional and authentic Thai Buddhist tattoo. They are popular among tattoo buffs. Thai tattoos, also called Sak Yants, are centuries old and based on four different aspects:

  • Thai Sacred Geometry
  • Buddhists psalms
  • Black Magic
  • Brahman past

Traditionally, Sak Yants were poked onto a warrior's skin with the belief that it would protect them in the battle. The theology or spiritual belief of Sak Yant is still alive, but yant has become a form of art.

Travelers looking forward to getting a traditional Sak Yant tattoo experience may visit a monk to get it done. Although it will not give them a very sharp and clean tattoo, a worthy experience with a monk will be eternal. However, those looking for a better, designer, personalized, and funky Sak Yank tattoo should prefer getting it from a trusted tattoo parlor.

The Best Places To Visit To Get A Tattoo

Getting A Tattoo By A Monk

Even though the lines could be sloppy and the tattoo would not age well, it is believed that tattoos made by monks have great vibes. When a traveler visits a monk or an Ajarn (person who has studied Buddha magic and yantras) for a tattoo, they bless it with special protection in a special ceremony. So, it could be a very different kind of experience.

In Thailand, many tour companies offer monk tattoos in their tour package. So, it is easy to access the services.

Wat Bang Phra

It is a Buddhist Monastery that offers the ultimate traditional Thai Buddhist animist tattoo. It gets more popular after celebrities like Angelina Jolie gets their tattoos from this temple. The monastery is around 50 km out of Bangkok. Visitors can come with their own designs or get the traditional Sak Yant tattoo from the monk.

All Day Tattoo

Located in the downtown Phrom Phong area, All Day Tattoo is a popular and reliable tattoo studio with some of the best, skilled, and tattoo artists. It is a stylish and upbeat space where travelers can find English-speaking artists specializing in ink artwork.

Black Pig

If a traveler is around Charoen Krung and looking for the best tattoo studios, Black Pig could be the right choice. One can get different types of designs- from minimalist and classic to bold body art. People can also bring their new and innovative designs. Make sure to make an appointment before visiting the place.

Tattoo OD

Tattoo OD is the first tattoo studio in Bangkok that got the license. Even though it is the smallest tattoo studio, it is popular for creating trendy, innovative, clear, and edgy tattoo designs. The best part about visiting Tattoo OD is it is located in the neighborhood of Thonglor, which is known for its rich and affluent nightlife. The artists are highly skilled that keeps Tattoo OD in huge demand. Ensure booking your appointment.

Common Ground

Adopting the western concept, Common Ground is another popular tattoo studio located in the Silom-Sathorn neighborhood. The studio goes with the phrase 'eastern vibes and western hygiene.' People visiting the place can see how they have made their studio stylish and welcoming, especially for the western tourists. With many coffee shops and bars in the frontage, visitors would not be bored during their session.


Located in the Siam Square area, Inkception tattoo studio mixes traditional and modern concepts. People can get various designs from professional tattoo artists at a reasonable price. From minimalist west coast designs to traditional Thai and Japanese, there is everything to get inked in any part of the body.


Located at Khao San Road, BKK INK is run by award-winning tattoo artists. People can find almost all types of body art that can be inked on their skin from the best tattoo artists. Getting their specialized designs could be a great addition to your tattoos. All one needs is to book an appointment before visiting.

Getting inked in Thailand is the dream of many, mostly because of its popular Sak Yant tattoos. Also, the presence of many popular and trusted tattoo studios with experienced artists providing services at a reasonable price has made it famous around the world. So, people visiting Thailand and fond of getting a tattoo can visit these reliable places for the best experience.

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