Ready for some outdoor fun? Mines and Meadows offers an exhilarating opportunity to have some real fun on ATVs, dirt bikes, and side-by-side riding. This is more than just some of the nation's most stunning trails, it is also a resort and campground. But perhaps what makes them very special is that they have the only underground riding in the Northeast! Why not have outdoor fun underground?

Mines and Meadows is a favorite of ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio alike. They boast over 84 miles of recreational trails on 877 acres of land. And they're perfectly safe, unlike the most dangerous dirt bike trails in the world.


About Mines And Meadows

They cater to everyone - from the beginner to the advanced riders. If advanced bikers are unconvinced, then try out over 8 miles of new single-track (dirt bike only) trails. These trails will test the most season of riders.

But what really makes Mine and Meadows special is their mines. Experience their underground riding through abandoned limestone mines. Underground numerous surprises await to make the journey, the off-roading adventure of a lifetime. See underground lakes, total darkness, and more.

  • Days Open: 7 Days A Week​​
  • Office Hours: 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm
  • Riding Hours: 9:00 am -- Sunset


  • Passes: $25.00 Day/Weekend
  • Gold Pass: $275.00/$450.00 Single/Family

While most folks will be bringing their own equipment, one would like to rent ATVs, then one's in luck. They offer ATV rentals but they must be reserved in advance - call 724-217-8285 for details.

  • Helmets: Helmets Are Required At All Times (Even In The Parking Lot And Campground)

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Mine Tour

This is perhaps the highlight of one's experience with Mines & Meadows. Journey 250 feet into the netherworld for an extra $5 per person. Their guides will guides one through the total darkness underneath in the mines as one explores the maze of trails and the 3 acre underground lake.

These limestone mines provide adventures not to be forgotten. The mines are only illuminated by one's headlights. Ride these mines twisting through the labyrinth as one goes that seems to stretch on forever. Finally burst out of the mines blinking in the brilliant sunlight. Feel the exhilaration and do it over again. Did you know that the Mayans thought of caves as the conduits to the spiritual netherworld and were considered sacred?

Mine Tours March Through November

  • Monday to Friday: At 2.00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: At 12.00 pm, 1.00 pm, and 2.00 pm
  • Cost: $5 Per Person

Mine Tours December Through February

  • Appointment: In The Off-Season Tours are For 4 Or More People By Appointment Only

The Trails (Above Ground)

They boast extensive trails for everyone. The trails are marked for both direction and difficulty and they cover a range of difficulties and terrain. All of the recreational vehicles are permitted - Quads, Dirt Bikes, and Side by Sides.

They even have room for the largest of the OHV machines (with some being over 70" wide). So if one has a wide vehicle that can't be ridden on other ATV parks, come on down to Mines and Meadows where they do not have a maximum width requirement. Riders are even welcome with vehicles with a large custom wide stance and monster 1000cc engines!

  • Trails: 84 Miles Of Trails

There's no problem with Quads either. No worries if one has a 2WD sport of a 4X4 utility, just watch out for the mud and have fun. If one comes with a dirt bike, then one has something no one else has - 100% access to all of the trails (there are 8 miles of single track for dirk bikes alone). Check out those trails, but be warned, they will test the physical limits of both the rider and the bike.

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Camping And Accommodation

Come and experience more than a single day and enjoy camping overnight.

Price for Camping

  • $35.00 Per Night: With Electric Sunday to Thursday
  • $25.00 Per Night: Without Electric Sunday to Thursday
  • $40.00 Per Night: With Electric Friday and Saturday
  • $30.00 Per Night: Without Electric Friday and Saturday

Besides camping and RV Camping, there are other accommodation options for those not so accustomed to spartan living. They have a vacation getaway cottage offering all the comforts of home.

  • Note: RV Camping & Cottage Reservations Are Required

Additionally, they will hopefully soon have cabins. However, as of the time of writing, their cabin project has been delayed due to complications with the permitting process and new zoning restrictions. See their website for booking and up-to-date accommodation options.

If one would like to store their RV there, they don't offer any storage facilities, however, just next door is Wampum Underground that offers underground storage for RVs.

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