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Vacation comes in different forms. From hiking on nature trails to beach hopping, vacation activities are endless. However, the Vegas experience is a bit different since it has nothing to do with sandy beaches or nature trails. All vacationers need to do is lazy around. Yes, lazing around!

As weird as it may sound, lazing around is a convectional way to vacay and relax in Las Vegas. No wonder celebrities like frequenting this amazing city. But what does lazing around involve? It is all about body massage and steam sauna meant to rejuvenate the body.


Every day is a weekend in Vegas. The following spots offer the best spa services for vacationers to go and de-stress.

The Spa At Trump Las Vegas

Talk of a gateway within a gateway. Nicknamed the master of the relaxation art in Vegas, The Spa at Trump is everything a vacationer would ask for when it comes to body rejuvenation. Under an 11,000 square feet roof, this facility has a big room enough for all recommended wellness activities.

Unlike most spa centers, the Spa at Trump is alive to the need to separate men’s and women’s rooms. Although they end up in the same common area, the steam rooms and saunas are separated based on gender. The privacy accorded by the separation itself becomes a key contributor to the relaxation effect.

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The spa at Trump is more than just a spa. It is a beauty center. The facials done here are epic. Besides, the facility has the best professionals there can be in the game. The body massages and treatments are therefore as comforting as they get.

Also, the facility doesn’t discriminate against any age. Men to women, couples to singles, teens to kids, everybody needs the feel-good effect of a full body massage.

The facility at Trump is a fitness center the same way it is a massage station. The fact that vacationers have taken some time from their busy schedules doesn’t mean they should postpone their fitness goals. It is for that reason that the facility incorporates a fully furnished gymnasium, allowing vacationers to relax while still making strides toward their body goals.

Knead To De-Stress LLC

Knead To De-Stress LLC is a popular Vegas spa whose massage therapy is not only a luxury package but also a body treatment therapy. Traditionally, before modern painkillers, the massage was the go-to option to ease most body aches. Recent research has shown that massage is an applicable way to counter different conditions. However, such a therapy-oriented massage must be administered by a qualified professional, or else complications may worsen.

At Knead To De-Stress LLC, the focus is more on the customer needs than the prescribed services. With highly trained professionals, vacationers have nothing to worry about. All they need to do is to relax and set free toxins from the brain for a feel-good sensation.

Workers in this facility know no holiday. To them, every day is a working day. Vacationers don’t have to worry about the place being closed or not. Best still, employees here work hand in hand with the needs of the customer. Even for the type that doesn’t know what massage type is good for them, they are eventually treated to a good one, thanks to the professionalism of the staff.

The massage business has continued to grow steadily in the larger Las Vegas area. Even then, operations in this facility continue to expand since its launch in 2011. Vacationers need the best massages there can be and that is all the Knead-To-De-Stress is all about.

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The Spa At Encore Las Vegas

The Spa at Encore is another massage parlor that vacationers in Las Vegas need to hear about. The goodies offered here are out of this world.

A step inside this iconic parlor is a therapeutic experience on its own. Luxury is an understatement here. One area most spa facilities go wrong is by concentrating more on the services offered and ignoring the structural aspects of the host facilities. The Spa at Encore has used the structural aspect to drive its way up. Today, it is among the most frequented parlors with both returning tourists and first-timers.

Entering this spa feels like entering an exotic resort in the Marrakech area of Morocco. While most people associate meditation with drug abuse, this spa goes the extra mile by providing meditation classes. Meditation classes are a good way to train the human brain to stay away from certain unpleasant habits. Vacationers who book sessions are treated to the best massage therapy there can be.

The tips below will help first-timers identify a good spa in LA.

  • Work with referrals and reviews
  • The design is as good as the service
  • Don’t ignore those minor red flags
  • Don’t pay exorbitant prices

One day in Las Vegas feels like a lifetime. Within a few hours, one has had the best of sauna and massage, something not common outside this magnificent city. With multiple facilities, visitors can pick what works for them.