Halloween season is imminent, and it’s the perfect time of year to start purchasing tickets for some of the scariest and most exciting Halloween haunts in the country. Travelers coming to Canada during October can take their pick of these varied and terrifying Halloween experiences across the nation.

While many of the top haunted houses and theme park experiences center around major cities like Toronto or Vancouver, there are plenty of spooktacular activities to enjoy in each province.

10 Halloween Haunt, Ontario

  • Dates: September 23 & 24, September 30-October 30, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $44.99
  • Location: Canada’s Wonderland
  • Closest Major City: Toronto

One of the best places for a scary Halloween experience in Canada is at Canada’s Wonderland. The Halloween Haunt event has been a favorite among Torontonians for years and is a chance to enjoy haunted houses, rides, and a scary atmosphere in the month leading up to Halloween.

After 7 PM on the event dates, the popular amusement park transforms into a haunted park of horrors.

9 Fright Nights At Playland, British Columbia

  • Dates: October 7-31, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $45
  • Location: Playland
  • Closest Major City: Vancouver

Fright Nights is a Vancouver event designed to get attendees to scream their heads off in terror at Playland.

For the event, Playland is transformed into a Halloween town with seven haunted houses, an opening “scaremony”, and thrill rides.

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8 Screemers, Ontario

  • Dates: Select dates, October 6-31, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $39.95
  • Location: Assembly Park
  • Closest Major City: Toronto

Previously held at the Exhibition Place CNE grounds in Toronto, Screemers returns to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) this fall at the Assembly Park in Vaughan, Ontario.

This Halloween-themed amusement park experience features seven haunted maze walks with more than 120 actors performing for the event.

In addition to the haunted maze walks, tickets offers access to Midway rides and there will be food trucks on site.

7 Fright Fest At La Ronde, Quebec

  • Dates: Select dates in October 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $6.99
  • Location: La Ronde
  • Closest Major City: Montreal

Fright Fest at La Ronde features plenty of reasons to scream, including haunted houses and scare zones where there are zombies, witches, and other creatures lurking in the dark.

Attendees can also ride the rides in the dark, upping the fear factor.

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6 The Lost Souls Of Gastown, British Columbia

  • Dates: September 8-October 31, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $35.52
  • Location: Gastown
  • Closest Major City: Vancouver

This moody Halloween-themed walk takes travelers through one of the oldest and most historic areas of Vancouver.

Follow a guide on a lamp-lit walking tour of Gastown and roam the cobbled streets while learning about the area’s mysterious history, including some unsolved crimes.

5 ScreamFest, Alberta

  • Dates: Select dates October 7-31, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $30
  • Location: Stampede Park
  • Closest Major City: Calgary

Calgary’s biggest Halloween haunt is back in 2022 and is ideally for ages 12+. From 7 PM to midnight on the event dates, Stampede Park transforms into a house of horrors with haunted houses, carnival games, thrill rides, and more.

There is also an adults-only night where the park has a site wide liquor license.

4 The Dark Secrets Of Stanley Park, British Columbia

  • Dates: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays (year round)
  • Cost Of Admission: From $29
  • Location: Stanley Park
  • Closest Major City: Vancouver

Although this tour is available outside spooky season, it’s worth booking the Dark Secrets Of Stanley Park walking tour during October, when the fear factor is at its peak.

Learn about the history of this massive park in the heart of Vancouver, related scary stories, and more.

When purchasing this tour from Forbidden Vancouver walking tours, part of the purchase price goes to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

3 Frightmare In The Falls, Ontario

  • Dates: October 28-29, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $27.95
  • Location: Niagara Falls Convention Centre
  • Closest Major City: Niagara-On-The-Lake

Frightmare In The Falls is advertised as the most interactive Horror Festival in North America.

This two-day event takes place at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre in Niagara-On-The-Lake and includes more than 50,000 square feet of horror memorabilia, movies, and more.

There is cosplay, celebrities, and lots of other exciting displays to give attendees some scary fun leading up to Halloween Day.

2 Bluenose Ghosts Festival, Nova Scotia

  • Dates : October 7-9, 13-16, & 20-31, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: ~$10
  • Location: Alderney Landing
  • Closest Major City: Dartmouth

The Bluenose Ghosts Festival near Halifax allows East Coast Canadians to experience some Halloween frights close to home. The event includes a terrifying haunted house, crypt rides, escape rooms, and more freaky fun.

The festival celebrates Darmouth’s heritage and engages members of the community from students on school tours to adults looking for some good old-fashioned Halloween screams.

1 Legends Of Horror, Ontario

  • Dates: September 30-October 31, 2022
  • Cost Of Admission: From $37.66
  • Location: Casa Loma
  • Closest Major City: Toronto

Legends of Horror at Casa Loma is one of Toronto’s most exciting new Halloween haunt events, right in the heart of the city.

The haunt experience is a form of promenade theater whereby attendees go on a walk, approximately one hour long, and are surprised by actors and other hidden scares along the way.

The same venue is also hosting another event called The Zombie Apocalypse, so travelers looking for a thorough fright night may want to purchase tickets for both.