Ever thought of spicing up the holiday with a heart-racing shark cage dive? There are multiple shark cage diving options around the United States - in Hawaii, California, and Florida (one of the best hotspots for shark cage diving is in South Africa). There are a number of shark cage diving hotspots around the world to consider.

Feel the adrenaline pump through the veins as one stares face to face with one of mother nature's most ancient and successful killing machines. While sharks are super well adapted in their environment as predators, sharks are rarely dangerous to man, and attacks, while highly publicized, are very rare. This is quite simply one of the most adventurous activities one can do! It is actually a great family activity and is fun, safe, and exhilarating.


North Shore Shark Adventures - Hawaii

North Shore Shark Adventures offers shark cage diving tours and is the perfect excursion while living the dream life on the tropical beaches of Waikiki. This shark diving tour is very affordable and most people will be able to enjoy it. This is a great half-day tour and everyone visiting Hawaii should put it on their bucket list.

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North Shore Shark Adventures' fleet includes two custom-made aluminum boats and they supply the masks and snorkels. With this thrilling tour, one will leave the North Shore on Oahu from Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor and travel 3 miles out to sea.

The sharks that are seen in this part of Ohau range from 5 to 15 feet and often these magnificent creatures of the deep come just inches away from the cage and the people inside. The visibility in the waters here is great often being as much as 150 feet or more (watch as the sharks come up from the deep).

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The sharks don't need to be baited as the sound of the vessel attracts them. They associate it with a crabbing vessel and therefore potential food.

  • Bonus: Often One Will Also Get To See Dolphins, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and Humpback Whales (From November to May)
  • Guaranteed: Shark Sightings Are 100% Guaranteed
  • Transportation: Available From Waikiki And Honolulu
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Availability: Daily, Year-round
  • Ages: All ages
  • Swimming: No swimming Required
  • Tour Times: The First Tour Starts at 7 a.m. (Except June - August When they Start at 6 a.m.)

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  • Price: Adults: $96.00 to 120.00 (Aged 13 and Older) | Child: $60.00 (Aged 3 to 12)

Tip: Bring An Underwater Camera (Disposable Cameras and A Video Option As Also Available)

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Great White Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island - California

Islander Charters takes the shark adventures up several notches with their Great White Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island in Mexico (the boat leaves from San Diego, California). This is a trip of a lifetime that offers incredible 5-day all-inclusive trips to Guadalupe Island. Guadalupe Island is known as the mecca for Great White Sharks.

They boast a 100% success record with diving with White Sharks and they guarantee one will see Great Whites or come out again for free. This is also completely safe with the company boasting a 100% diving safety record with zero cage breaches or any accidents between the shark cage and the Great White Shark. With an eye to conservation, the trip focuses on learning more about the Great White Sharks and the Isla Guadalupe.

  • Record: 100% Success Record
  • Guarantee: They Guarantee Great White Shark Sightings
  • Capacity: The Boat Can Accommodate Up To 33 Diver, but Trips A Limited To 16 Divers For A More Personal Experience
  • Price: The Prices Are All-Inclusive With No Added Taxes Or Fees
  • Double Occupancy: $3,695 - One Will Share A Cabin With Other Travelers Or A Companion
  • Single Occupancy: $3,895 - Enjoy The Cabin To Oneself
  • Included: Meals (Including Beer and Wine), All Gear, Park Entrance Fees, A Seven Person Hot Tub, Air Conditioned Stateroom Accommodation
  • Not Included: Gratuity (Typically $300.00 to $500.00)

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Florida Shark Diving

Another option on the other side of the nation is Florida Shark Diving. They offer both cage dives and cage-free dives daily. Florida has the highest concentration of large sharks along its coastline than anywhere else on the East Coast. This Trip takes passengers over 3 miles offshore where one can cage dive with the sharks, or swim freely with the sharks.

Swimming and diving with sharks are safe, although there are a number of tips on how to be safe will diving with sharks one should know.

  • November 1st- March 9th: 7:30 am-10:30 am, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 2:30 pm-5:30 pm, Daily
  • March 10th – October 31st: 8 am – 11 am, Noon – 3 pm, 4 pm – 7 pm, Daily
  • Shark Species: Tiger, Great Hammerhead, Scalloped Hammerhead, Bull, Dusky, Silky, Lemon, Sandbar, Blacktip, and Reef Sharks
  • Cost: $195.00 Per Person

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No matter which side of the United States one lives in, one can enjoy a shark diving adventure.

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