England's Medieval Festival is the largest medieval festival and re-enactment in the United Kingdom. It's like living in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones (just without all the cool stuff like dragons, ice walls, giants, ice zombies, witches, Doraki, and faceless men - and without people actually being brutally murdered in unspeakable ways). The next festival is set for August 2022 and is a must-see for anyone going to England - and it's held in a real medieval castle!


At England's Medieval Festival one can really see the past come to life in a fun and enjoyable way that is ideal for families with small kids. The participants are generally all volunteers and enthusiasts who are keen to show off their exemplary skills and favorite pastimes.

What To Expect At The Next Festival

The England Medieval Festival is to be held on the August Bank Holiday Weekend in 2022 and is "the largest and most spectacular medieval festival in Great Britain." It is an amazing medieval experience for all ages in one of the most idyllic settings - the Herstmonceux Castle with its beautiful moated castle in the South of England.

This will be a Medieval Experience of a Lifetime, and the kids will love it. To increase the enjoy don outlandish medieval-themed costumes - come dressed as a knight, a pauper, a jester, a princess, a peasant, a bishop, or whatever.

Some of the things one can expect are:

  • Morning: Artillery Siege of the Castle
  • Afternoon: Battle of Herstmonceux with Hundreds of Knights in Shining Armor
  • Knights Jousting: Held Twice Per Day
  • Show: Horseback Skill at Arms Show
  • Grand Parade: Held Every Afternoon
  • Medieval Tents: Colorful Medieval Living History Tents all around The Castle Grounds

Other Attractions: Puppet Shows, Theatre Shows, Medieval re-enactors, Dances, Music & Drummers, Devilstick Peat, Minstrels

  • Buy: Medieval Crafts, Medieval Food, Local Ales

Join-In Activities: Ax Throwing, Blacksmithing Calligraphy, Chain Mail, Archery, Copper Bowl Making, and More

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Medieval Banquet at England's Medieval Festival

Dine at a banquet fit for a king! While there were no Medieval Banquets in 2021 due to pandemic restrictions, all going well it will be back up and running in 2022. Come dressed in one's favorite medieval costume and dine in the electric atmosphere of the fun-filled Royal Court. One has the choice of coming for the full day of medieval performances or just for the Medieval Banquet.

They also have vegetarian options and other options for those with dietary requirements.

  • Meals: Four-Course Meal Complete With A Glass of Wine or Ale
  • Ticket Price: TBA Ticket Information Coming Soon
  • Day & Weekend Tickets: With Camping, Glamping, & Room Upgrades Will be Available
  • Date: 27, 28, & 29 August 2022

Ever wondered what one would have eaten during the Middle Ages? Spoilers! No potatoes, turkey, rice, tomatoes, tea, bananas, corn, or chocolate!

Come As a Participant!

No better way to enjoy a Medieval Festival than by being one of the active participants in it! Herstmonceux Castle is inviting participants with medieval-themed skills to signup and join in the festivities and help entertain the masses with their favorite skills.

Participants can win mounted skill-at-arms tournaments and receive trophies and prizes. They can join in the over 500 combatants in the Siege of Herstmonceux Castle manning the cannons, siege engines, the cavalry, and more.

One can show off who is the best Robin Hood and with the archery tournament with a longbow or crossbow.

  • Fee: There Is No Charge To Participate

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Herstmonceux Castle

The Herstmonceux Castle was built in the 15th century and is made of brick. Today is it one of the oldest significant brick buildings still standing in England. Warwick Castle in the Midlands is one of England's finest living castles and visitors can even stay the night in medieval tents!

  • Built: 1441

But it's more than just the castle itself, the parks and gardens of the castle are listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. For those who would just like to visit the castle outside of the Medieval Festival.

  • Opening Times: 10 am to 5 pm (Last Admission 3.30 pm)
  • Season: Ends 31st October
  • Parks And Gardens: Set Within 300 Acres of Woodland with Beautiful Theme Gardens
  • Embodies: The 15th-Century Moated Castle Embodies The History of Medieval England And the Romance of the Renaissance
  • Adults: £8.00 ($11) | Children: £3.50 ($5)( (Aged 4-17 Years Old) | Kids: Free (Under 4) | Senior Citizens: £7.00 ($10) (Aged 65+ and Disabled or Students)

Alternatively, one can book season tickets and enjoy visiting the gardens and grounds throughout the season.

The castle also boasts its own fully furnished accommodation so one can stay at this stunning castle - plan ahead or count on it all being booked out during the festival.

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