Video games are a means of connecting whether it be with a new world or with other players who are just as immersed as we are. Around the world, cities have entire museums devoted to the retro world of video games, which encompasses an era that's long gone but never truly forgotten. Many new games may come out and we might replace our systems every few years, but the video games of the late 1980s and early 1990s can never truly be replaced.

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There are plenty of notable destinations for video game lovers but three of the most popular destinations can be found in Laconia, New Hampshire, Stockholm, Sweden, and Tokyo, Japan. The one thing that all of these places have in common is a serious, video game-loving devotion to the visual arts in the form of gaming, with one sporting an 8bit-themed cafe and the other two featuring prominent museums devoted to a vintage era of gaming.

If you plan to visit any of them in the future, this is what to expect when you go.

American Classic Arcade Museum In Laconia, New Hampshire

Laconia is not only home to a rad arcade museum but it's actually the largest arcade museum in the world, with the Guinness World record to prove it. Also known as ACAM, this arcade museum showcases nearly 200 retro arcade games within it, having become a mind-blowing haven for those who love the retro gaming style. Speaking of which, arcade gaming wasn't just a pastime in its prime, which lasted up until about 1987. It was a lifestyle; after school, on weekends, and weeknights after dinner, kids in their own towns and cities would line up to play games in arcades, because at-home gaming wasn't something that even existed at the time. And now, they can relive their nostalgia in one of the only places that still has all of these vintage arcade games.

What's truly spectacular about this arcade museum is the sheer range of its games, featuring anything from the 1970s well into the 1980s, from Tetris and Space Invaders all the way to KISS-themed games. Around the museum, fans can observe decor that's devoted to retro gaming of all kinds, including nods to Atari and Nintendo.

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Spelmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden

The Spelmuseum is a bit smaller and newer than the ACAM, but it's no less impressive with its offerings in arcade games. This museum is a dedication to video game history, in general, featuring more than just arcade games. Visitors will have the chance to take a walk through video game history, starting with the same arcade games that we knew and loved in previous decades leading all the way to the intense virtual reality games that are available today. It literally feels like walking back in time as you bypass decades of gaming and watch the progression from the simplest of graphics to the most intense of scenes.

Visitors are guided through specific hallways that are full of nods to retro games and modern games alike, with pivotal moments being marked by extensive exhibits devoted to their histories. Visitors can even find video game memorabilia that would otherwise be a challenge to come by, along with fun artwork dedicated to various games and gaming systems. It's not all looking and no play, though - the museum also offers various game systems that can be played by visitors as well, from retro sets to modern VR sets.

8bit Cafe In Tokyo, Japan

If you were walking by the location of the 8bit Cafe, you wouldn't likely realize that this wonderful world of a game-inspired bar is even there. It can be found in Shinjuku on Sanchome Street, on the fifth floor, and while it's small, it is mighty. This space is absolutely filled to the brim with various games and accessories, and, in true gaming fashion, visitors are permitted to play any of the games while waiting for their orders or to pass the time.

This cafe offers an impressive array of gaming accessories and memorabilia, making it a unique stop if you happen to be in Tokyo and are a fan of games from all different decades. Those interested in figurines and video game-themed toys will also find those here, making it a worthy stop for anyone who's fans of the pastime, regardless of whether they're highly active gamers or not. Nintendo is featured fairly regularly in this cafe, as well, making it one of many Nintendo-themed stops that can be found throughout Tokyo.

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