Polar bears are the largest bears and are hyper-carnivorous (hyper-carnivorous eat overwhelming meat).  These fearsome animals are one of the few without a fear of humans. They are stunning as they are remote. Seeing them in the wild is not easy for most people!

One company offering sightseeing tours of the polar bear is Northern Wilderness Lodge. Located remotely in Churchill, Canada, they offer everything from accommodation, to great dining, to polar sightseeing and much more. They are based in Manitoba in Canada, for another northern Canada region, see here for how to visit Canada's extreme north of Nunavut.


About Polar Bears And Wildlife Tours in Husdon Bay

Seeing a polar bear is in the flesh is sure to wow anyone. These are incredibly powerful beasts and incredibly dangerous. There's nothing like actually seeing them in person up close. The experiences Lazy Bear Lodge offers are intimate and personal with these majestic bears.

  • Size: Adult Males Weigh Around 770 to 1540 pounds or 350 to 700 Kg
  • Males: Around Twice The Size Of Females
  • Diet: Mostly Seals
  • Classification: Vulnerable

But it's not just the polar bears to watch out for in these northern climes. Keep the lookout for the arctic fox, arctic hare, and the camouflaged ptarmigan. See here for the wildlife own can see on a tour of the Canadian Arctic.

In the north, there are many whales, notably the belugas. This is the highest concentration of beluga whales in the world as 60,000 of the stunning marine animals descend into Hudson Bay. Go and see the super pods of Beluga Whales and be left spellbound. Watch them as they gorge themselves on schools of Arctic Char, Brook Trout, Capelin, and Cisco White Fish.

There is more than one season for Polar Bears. In the summer Lazy Bear Lodge has the Hudson Bay Coastal Boat Tour that takes one to see the remote locations that polar bears live at that time of year. In summer it's a bit warm for the bears built for the winter, so they are swimming to cool off but also sunbathing. In winter and fall, it's different again. Here are the three tours they offer.

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Bears & Aurora Arctic Adventure

In the winter Lazy Bear Lodge offers their Bears & Aurora Arctic Adventure. In this time can experience fabulous fall colors and enjoy a full immersion into the culture of the remote town of Churchill. One can see the Northern Lights every evening (depending on the weather). After a super adventurous day out, return to a cozy fire-wood heated log lodge and enjoy a meal that hits the spot.

During the excursions, soar over the vast tundra of the frozen north on a helicopter and spot polar bears, beluga whales, moose, caribou, foxes, and arctic hares.

One of the main adventures is aboard their Arctic Crawler on their Tundra Tour. It's kinda like a safari truck but for the arctic and has all the modern amenities like USB ports. Then cruise down the Churchill River to see the Beluga Whales.

  • Season: August to September
  • Location: Churchill, Manitoba
  • Duration: 5 Nights
  • Price: $4,495 CAD ($3,500 USD) - Includes Airfare

Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure

Hop on their Arctic Crawler and explore the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and see all the aforementioned wildlife. Another bonus is being introduced to their Dog Mushing Experience as well as a cultural and heritage tour of the historic Churchill. Enjoy a mile-long dog mushing ride. The dogs love running so it's a fun experience for all! In the evening return to the cozy lodge.

While on the tour, travel to the polar bear gathering spot in Hudson Bay. This is where they wait for the winter ice pack to freeze. Polar bears are not shy animals. They are curious and come alongside the vehicle to check out the newcomers.

  • Season: October to November
  • Location: Churchill, Manitoba
  • Duration: 5 Nights
  • Price: $6,495.00 CAD ($5,100 USD) - Including Airfare
  • Northern Lights: They are Visible For Around 300 Nights a Year

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Ultimate Bears & Belugas Summer Adventure

Summer is a great time to visit Hudson Bay. This is when the Beluga Whales are filing into the bay and the Polar Bears are leaving the melting sea ice. In this season one can also see where all those migratory birds go. See the Arctic Sik Siks and over 200 nesting or migrating bird species. And much more.

  • Note: This Is The Only Company In Churchill Offering Polar Bear Tours At This Time
  • Season: July To August
  • Location: Churchill, Manitoba
  • Duration: 6 Nights
  • Price: $5,495.00 CAD ($4,300 USD) - Including Air Fare

For all their offerings and availability, check out their website. They are one's one-stop-shop to the arctic north - in both summer and winter.

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