The season's wildfires are over and the Redwood National Park is back open to visitors. The Redwood National and State Parks are world-famous for their old-growth temperate rainforests in Northern California. They contain 45% of all remaining coast redwoods (scientifically Sequoia sempervirens). They are some of the tallest, oldest, and most massive tree species on Earth. In fact, they are the tallest tree species on earth.

To see the inland Redwoods visit Sequoia National Park and see General Sherman and other iconic trees. The other great national park to see the Giant Redwoods, is in Yosemite National Park (which is also ideal for hiking).


About The Redwoods Park

While old-growth redwood forests once covered over 2 million acres of California's coast, they were attractive for their timber. And many were felled to support the gold rush and then the booming development in San Francisco.

  • Visitors: Around 435,000 Annually
  • Entrance Fee: Most of The Park Is Free But Fees are Charged At Some Campgrounds

In modern times there have been efforts to not only preserve the stunning remanents of the old-growth redwoods but also to try to reverse some of the damage done by over logging.

Massive restoration efforts have sought to reclaim vast stretches of logged lands, erase most of the 400 miles of logging roads, rebuild the hillsides, and replant the trees. It is estimated it will take around 50 years for the scars of logging to disappear and another 250 years for the redwood seedlings to grow to a modest size (they are not in a hurry). Some of the massive sequoias are over a thousand years old.

  • 250 Years: For The Seedlings To Grow To A Modest Size
  • Season: Open Year-Round, Summer is Busy So Come In Spring of Fall To Miss The Crowds On The Road, In Winter The Rains Come
  • Height: Some Specimens Grow To Over 370 Feet or 113 Meters High
  • Fun Fact: 370 Feet Is Five Stories Higher Than The Statue Of Liberty

In the park, one can walk, bike, camp, or ride horses along the 200 miles of trails in the park system. Wildlife in the park includes Roosevelt Elk, whales, and seals.

Tip: This Region Is One of The Most Seismically Active In America - Don't Be Surprised If There Are Tremors

The park is an odd park, it is made up of the Redwood National Park managed by the National Park Service and three Californian state parks - the Jedediah Smith, Del Norte Coast, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks. They are jointly managed as the Redwoods National and State Parks.

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Accommodation Within The National Park

There is no lodging within the national park - although there are four cabins in Prarie Creek Redwoods State Park and another four in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. If one would like to stay in those cabins, then plan in advance - they are normally booked out long in advance.

If one would like comfortable lodging in the area, there are plenty of lodging options outside of the park.

Otherwise, the only way to spend the night in the parks is to stay in the campgrounds. There are both developed and backgrounds campsites - reservations are recommended in the developed campgrounds and free permits are required in the backcountry campsites.

  • Note: Hammocks Are Not Permitted As The Ropes Can Damage The Tree's Bark

There are four developed campsites they are Jedediah Smith, Mill Creek, Elk Prairie, and Gold Bluffs Beach Campgrounds.

  • Cost: $35.00 Per Site

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Hiking Trails In The Park

There are many hikes in this park ranging from short walks of less than an hour to a full day. A full list of hiking trails can be found on the National Park Service's Website.

Stout Memorial Grove Trail: This trail explores a majestic grove of redwoods near the Smith River in the northern part of the park.

  • Pets: No
  • Duration: 1-2 Hours
  • Season: Year-Round

Hike To Trillium Falls: Located In the southern end of the parks and is considered one of the best family-friendly walks. There is also plenty of parking, restrooms, and picnic tables.

  • Pets: No
  • Duration: 30-90 Minutes
  • Season: Year-Round

Hike To The Tall Trees Grove: This half-day hike is in the southern part of the park and is great for those in the mood for an adventure. This trail has been popularised by social media and is one of the park's more strenuous hikes.

  • Pets: No
  • Duration: 3-6 Hours
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Note: A Free Permit Is Required

Fern Canyon Loop Trail: This location has been made famous by Hollywood movies (Jurassic Park: The Lost World was filmed in Redwoods Park). While not a long hike, getting to this destination does require a bit of effort and one should plan on getting one's feet wet.

  • Pets: No
  • Duration: 45-90 Minutes
  • Season: Year-Round

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