Autumn is beautiful no matter where it's being observed; as long as the leaves are changing and colors are flying, there's something to see and feel. Accompanied with a cool, crisp fall breeze and the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot that only a season change can procure, many forget that there is one country that can 100% compete with the US in terms of autumn vibrancy: Canada.

The neighbors to the north are also home to a world of vivid color and leaves that appear to be taken straight out of a Bob Ross painting, but with places such as New England and the southern mountain ranges, it's easy to forget that Canada, too, is home to a cold-weather climate and many, many types of foliage. It's not all alpine flora, either - Canada is home to a wide variety of trees, all of which shed their leaves come October in an array and burst of fall flavor. Those who are lucky enough to live near one of Canada's forests or lakesides can attest to the fact that there's nothing quite like Canadian autumn, with New England really being the only place in the US that comes close. And when it comes to leaf-peeping, there are just some places that hold all the fall magic.


Alberta's Rocky Mountains

Let's face it, Canada's Rocky Mountains are breathtaking at any time of the year. A special type of magic takes place when the leaves start changing in this rocky region of Alberta, though, and continues through the months of September and October.

Thanks to the beauty of larch and aspen trees, the Rocky Mountains give way to an array of orange, yellow, and red hues that are quite unlike any others. One of the most well-known viewing points for these changes is Banff National Park, which has platforms and trails throughout the park overlooking the most scenic of vistas.

Ontario's Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park is one of the best places to catch fall foliage around Toronto and the locals know that fact well. For those who have never seen it before, the forest comes alive with bold yellows and reds that feel as though they're coming at hikers in waves of vibrant hues.

Witnessing this color change on foot is so much different than simply driving past the park and the swift crunch of leaves underfoot leaves fall leaf-peepers feeling satisfied as they take in their stunning surroundings. A canoe is another great option to get through this park since it is home to thousands of rivers and lakes, and taking in the scenery on the water is a new and serene experience.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is another destination that's utterly gorgeous and Cape Breton Island is a true gem in this coastal area. The Cabot Trail, specifically, is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world and one of the best for taking in Nova Scotia's fall foliage. With roads that are chiseled into the side of each cliff, travelers will have the sea on one side and a breathtaking array of colors on the other.

As the road winds thought Cape Breton National Park, leaf-peepers can take in the most spectacular views toward the end of September until midway through October, and there's truly nothing else in the world like it.

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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is home to dense forests which offer spectacular foliage views as only this island can, complete with a seaside breeze to add intrigue to the already crisp air. Out of all the northern territories in North America, Prince Edward Island is home to one of the longest leaf-peeping seasons thanks to its temperate climate.

That means there's plenty of time to experience all that Prince Edward Island has to offer as its leaves remain colorful for some time longer than many other popular destinations. Even the hiking trails on this island are pure magic and the temperatures during the fall make for the perfect outdoor recreational environments.

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Ontario's Niagara River Parkway

Of course, the Niagara River Parkway is often only associated with the tremendous waterfall that lies at its end. However, during the fall, this road takes on an entirely different appeal: Gorgeous fall colors.

The road stretches from Queenston to Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the best time to drive it is during October when all of the trees reach their peak foliage. The view along the Niagara River is a sight to behold and it's only made better by every single hue of color seen in the treetops along the way.

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