Buffalo Trace Distillery has a history that's comprised of more than 200 years of legendary crafting, with many artisans behind its brand. It also holds the title of being the best bourbon stop in the entire world, which is a lofty reputation to uphold. To say that it, and its team, have done so in an exemplary fashion would only be conveying half of it - the bourbon whiskey speaks for itself, and many are converted to fans after their first visit.

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Speaking of which, any fan of the distillery will tell a newcomer that the best way to see the entire operation is through a tour. Buffalo Trace offers many, but those interested in the process of making this iconic bourbon whiskey are those that show off the best of barrel-aging. Ready to take a historic step back in time? This is what guests to the Buffalo Trace Distillery can expect on a trip to Frankfort, Kentucky, to try the world's finest spirits.

The Trace Tour

First up is the Trace Tour, which will take guests through the distillery while guides detail the history of the distilling process. It's the best way to introduce newcomers to one of Kentucky's most notable destinations, and show them what the process behind making bourbon whiskey is really like.

Bourbon barrels will be rolled across your path while you listen to the history of Buffalo Trace, along with the stories of those who helped the dream come to life. If you're lucky, you might even hear a Prohibition-era story or two.


  • Tour length: 1 hour, 15 minutes
  • What's included: Depending on the tour, walkthrough or a walkthrough & a tasting.
  • Cost: Free.

Bourbon Barrel Tour

One of the most fascinating and exciting parts of visiting any distillery is having the chance to see spirits during the aging process. The Bourbon Barrel Tour provides guests with this chance as well as a full warehouse walkthrough.

Along the way, guides will educate tour-takers about the process of crafting these artisan spirits, including details about the barrels used, the history behind them, and even what happens to every barrel post-aging process. This tour is for guests over the age of 12 due to safety reasons and will be enjoyed by anyone who's ever been curious about how such a legendary distillery ensures every bottle is perfect.


  • Tour length: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • What's included: A warehouse walkthrough and a tasting.
  • Cost: Free.

The Ultimate: Taste Of The Trace

This tour is the big kahuna: not only will guests have the chance to hear the history of Buffalo Trace, but they'll also be able to taste samples of award-winning spirits the entire time.

If this is the part you've been waiting for, then you won't be disappointed; a choice of six different spirits and libations are available to choose from during this tour. Guides will discuss how the distillery 'honors tradition' and 'embraces change,' all while detailing some of its most beloved offerings.

  • Tour length: 45 minutes
  • What's included:
  • Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
  • Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey
  • Wheatley Vodka
  • Buffalo Trace Distillery Bourbon Cream 
  • Rebecca Ruth Bourbon Ball (made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon) 
  • Freddie’s Root Beer
  • Cost: Free.

Other Tours That Are Worth Checking Out

The great thing about Buffalo Trace is that since it's spread out over a large area, tours of multiple sections of the distillery are available, along with themed tours. Another favorite is the Botanical Gardens Tour, which takes guests out to the Albert B. Blanton Botanical Gardens and Bird Sanctuary, and includes a tasting. This tour is offered on Fridays and offers a bit of regional history along with distillery history, making it so much more than just a walk around the grounds.

The Expansion Tour, Old Taylor Tour, National Historic Landmark Tour, and Hard Hat Tours are all great ways to see additional parts of the distillery. They each include a bit of history related to the creation of the distillery itself as well as the creation of its world-famous bourbon whiskey, with tastings included. Each one explores a unique building and its purpose in the distilling process, many of which have been kept and maintained as they originally were over a century ago.

A Landmark That's Worth Exploring

Kentucky and its bourbon whiskey are so ingrained into the culture of the state, making it an iconic part of any visit. Buffalo Trace will continue to be world-renowned as one of the best producers in the world, and it definitely should not be missed. And if none of these tours gets your attention, there's always the Buffalo Trace Ghost Tour!

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