In the Doda district of the land of Jammu and Kashmir is a little town called Bhaderwah, situated in the Himalayas’ base. The town is a beautiful place that boasts of lush greens, crystal clear rivers, luxuriant valleys, rocky roads, and a great variety of vegetation and wildlife.

Popularly known as Nagaon ki Bhoomi or the “Land of Snakes” due to numerous rare snake species that can be seen around the town, Bhaderwah and its surroundings can be enjoyed via horseback riding or skiing on the rises and drops of snowy mountains and is also home to the six-centuries-old festival, the Mela Pat. Walking across the bridges in Bhaderwah is also believed to be a spiritual Himalayan experience, as well as the scenic destinations that await every traveler going here.


Where to Go During Your Time in Bhaderwah

Due to the cooler weather in Bhaderwah, it gives way for natural vegetation to flourish and beautiful peaks to stand out. Because of this, this bowl-shaped valley is also referred to as Little Kashmir. There are a lot of magnificent places that you can go to during your time here, and below are some of the places you need to visit while in Bhaderwah.

Bhaderwah Fort

Before the Bhaderah Fort was transformed into a jail in 1919, this structure that was built in 1733 was a former dwelling place of several freedom fighters in India, including the former Chief Minister Sheik Mohammad Abdullah and Pandit Kashyap Bandhu. Today, the fort is a popular tourist attraction in the Land of Snakes.

Chinta Valley

Located almost 200 meters above sea level, this little valley is overlooking scenic tourist destinations like Thuba, which is also the boundary between Chinta Nallah and Bhaderwah. It also boasts clean, beautiful streams that flow between mountains, where you can spend days without ever wanting to leave.

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Seoj Meadow

Surrounded by lush forests and snowy mountains, this beautiful place is called Seoj Meadow or Seoj Dhar for the locals, this haven is also popularly branded as the Crown of Bhaderwah.

The meadow, which is home to Kailash Kund, a sacred mountain for the locals, offers camping sites for the Kailash Yatra travelers. For adventure seekers, an exhilarating paragliding trip will let them experience the beauty of the Bhaderwah terrains.

Jai Valley

Situated about 20 miles from Bhaderwah, the beautiful, lush valley of Jai is popular for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Stunning waterfalls greet you upon arrival and are also a haven for hardcore trekkers and rock climbers.

Food in Bhaderwah

Like many other places to visit for vacation, the one we always look forward to is their food. Surely, your trip will not be complete without trying the local cuisine of Bhaderwah.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh or “red meat,” is a widely popular curry and can be enjoyed by people who are not so into spicy food. The red color or sauce comes from the generous amounts of chili powder, paprika, and tomatoes used in making the food. The lamb or meat is so tender that it falls apart when you scoop a serving.

Rajma Chawal

This Indian dish is very simple and consists of only two main ingredients – rajma or red beans and chawal or cooked rice. The red bean sauce is made of tomato puree and onions and is a perfect and complete vegan meal that can be enjoyed the entire day.

As simple as it may sound, it also takes some time to prepare the dish as the beans are normally soaked in water overnight. And if preferred, you can add spices like cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, bay leaves, cinnamon, and chili peppers for extra flavor.

Kashmiri Kahwa

Kashmiri Kahwa is a classic, soul-warming tea that is infused with a variety of Indian spices including cardamom and cinnamon, and topped with a touch of chopped almonds and saffron. This hot cup, which is best enjoyed on a cold day, will surely liven your soul thanks to its great flavor and aroma.

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A customary Kashmiri recipe, Gushtaba is a kind of curry made from spicy meatballs with yogurt gravy. It is best enjoyed during the winter season for its heat. The meat used in this recipe is a combination of meat fat and boneless meat coming from the leg of lamb.

Usually, the lean meat is beaten on a smooth stone surface using a wooden mallet and is incorporated with meat fat while being pounded.

Bhaderwah Travel Specifics

The best way to reach Bhaderwah is by going to Jammu. To reach Jammu, you can book a flight to Jammu airport or you can do it by train. Upon reaching the city, you will be 124 miles away from Bhaderwah, where you can make 3 stops in the cities of Udhampur, Batote, and Pul Doda.

Bhaderwah and its surroundings are best visited from October to February, which is the region’s winter season. Sightseeing and other activities are also great during this season. If you plan on visiting during December, where temperatures can go down as low as 4 degrees, it is recommended to pack clothes made for winter.

Traveling around Bhaderwah can be done by riding local taxis (which can be shared with others) or via bus. When it comes to accommodation, Bhaderwah does not offer many options, so you might want to find lodging in the surrounding towns and Patnitop.

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