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Who doesn't like to go for a bit of fun and tumble? Zorbing is one of the more unusual outdoor exciting experiences (and is something one can't do everywhere). It is a recreational sport of rolling down the hillsides in a plastic orb. Riders are typically strapped in and are tumbled all about; with other zorbs, people are not strapped in and run around inside the orb on water (kinda like a human hamster).

One of the leading zorb parks in North America is Outdoor Gravity Park which is a fun activity to enjoy while exploring the scenic Great Smoky Mountains. The park is open year-round, providing a thrilling activity while visiting the Smokies at any time of year.


What Is Zorbing Is & Why Try It At Least Once

Zorbing originated in Rotorua in New Zealand (New Zealand has a penchant for all things outdoors and extreme outdoor sports). New Zealand is quite simply an adventurer's paradise.

There are two types of orbs (or zorb balls) - harnessed and non-harnessed. Non-harnessed orbs can carry up to three riders while harnessed orbs are typically for one or two riders.

While it is fun and exciting to go zorbing down a hill (like at Outdoor Gravity Park in Tennessee or in Rotorua in New Zealand), they can also be used on the water. They are a load of fun for the kids, and they are easy to buy online. The commercial zorb balls found at Outdoor Gravity Park are much larger (the non-commercial ones are often more for the water or for running into other people, with the zorb acting as a giant cushion).

Outdoor Gravity Park - The "Only Zorbing Park In The United States"

The only zorbing park in the United States is Outdoor Gravity Park in Tennessee. It is a thrilling activity that families and groups can enjoy together (the zorbing age is five years old and over). They use giant 11-foot inflatable zorb balls that roll down their 1,000-foot hill. At 10 gallons of water, up to 3 people, and enjoy one of the most unusual attractions.

They have three different tracks to choose from that offer very different experiences.

Outdoor Gravity Park is one of the many attractions of Pigeon Forge - the gateway to the Great Smokey Mountains.

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Outdoor Gravity Park's Zorbing Rides

Their zorbing rides are:

Extreme Zig Zag:

The Extreme Zig Zag is an adrenaline-gushing extreme zig-zag course, and people can only ride solo. It is a must-do but one that's not for the faint-hearted.

Fast Tracks:

Three people can roll and enjoy the Fast Track course. Strap in with friends and family and experience the thrill of rolling town on their 1,000-foot hill - it's ideal for those who have a need for speed.


The Funnel combines the twists and turns of the Zig Zag course with the speed of the Fast Tracks. It is one of a kind experience and one that will be difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

A four activity - the superman dive - involves jumping into an orb full of water without tumbling down the hill. Enjoy the thrill of slipping and sliding inside the orb ball - the experience is something like a bouncy water slide. In the summer, they add cold water, and in the winter, they add warm water.

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Planning A Visit To Pigeon Forge's Outdoor Gravity Park

Outdoor Gravity Park has the option of GoPro videos of the experience (available via email). Amenities at the park include changing rooms, restrooms, a vending machine with snacks and drinks, themed T-shirts for sale, and shorts and towels for sale.

  • Weight Limit: 275 lbs. maximum per person

Pricing is structured by the number of rolls (one person = one role, three people in one zorb ball = three roles). The price per roll starts at $17.00 each, depending on the number of rolls purchased.

Zorb Pricing:

  • One Roll: $24
  • Three Rolls: $57 ($19 Each)
  • Five Rolls: $90 ($18 Each)
  • Ten Rolls: $170 ($17 Each)
  • Twenty Rolls: $340 ($17 Each)

The rolls last around 1.5 minutes. The waiting line can be quite long, so come in the morning when it is less busy - the line can be 1.5 hours or more long in the peak season and afternoons.