Accommodation can be fun and adventurous. There's camping, hotels, resorts, and apartments - but there are also yurts, ice hotels, and underwater hotels that make one's vacation so much more unique and memorable. Underwater hotels are exclusive affairs as they are the opposite of cheap, but they are supremely unique. Imagine sleeping submerged under the waves with only the fish for company. The excitement and the unnerving knowledge that it is only the windows that are holding back the sea from flooding in.


Here we will consider two of the most unique underwater hotels in the world and they are both in the Indian Ocean.

The Muraka - Maldives

The Muraka is said to be the first of its kind and boasts a master bedroom submerged beneath waves of the Indian Ocean. This is a luxury two-level residence part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort in the Maldives. The resort is nestled in a private area of a stunning shimmering lagoon and is the first of its kind. It features luxury three bedrooms and integrated living, dining, and entertaining spaces. All of their accommodation options come with a 24 hours private butler service, a private chef, and a range of other custom services. See here for a guide in visiting the stunning Maldives.

  • Depth: Over 16 Feet
  • Cost: From $10,000-$16,000 (Plus 10% Service Charge And Another $2,000 or More In Taxes)

This is luxury at its finest. Even getting to the main resort is via a private seaplane or by a private speedboat - that one can then use for the duration of one's stay.

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The residence is made up of two levels, the upper level is above water and has everything one could hope for.

Upper-Level Facilities:

  • Sleeping: Two Bedrooms And A Bathroom (Complete With A Tub Affording Ocean Views)
  • Deck: The Outdoor Deck Has An Infinity Pool
  • On-Hand Service: Private 24 Hour Butler And A Private Chef
  • On-Call Service: Fitness Trainer And An Assortment Of Spa Treatments
  • Jet Skis: Private Jet Skis On Hand

Lower Facilities:

As exclusive as the upper facilities are, the crowning glory of the residence is the master bedroom beneath the waves. To access this aquatic wonder, go down the spiral staircase (or use the elevator) and enter an other-worldly masterpiece that is to be one's home.

  • Sleeping: Master Bedroom
  • Dome: 180-Degree Curved Acrylic Dome
  • Theater: Dedicated Tunnel Viewing Theater
  • Windows: Floor to Ceiling Windows In Both the Walk-In Closet And The Bathroom

The Manat Resort - Tanzania

Located on the other side of the Indian Ocean is another work of underwater art. The Manat Resort is situated by a remote tropical paradise island. Here one can enjoy the pure and turquoise waters filled with unspoiled coral reefs and delicately soft white sand beaches. Enjoy the peace and quiet of heaven. This is a luxury all-inclusive and private stay - although the diving and outside tours are not as private.

It is located in the local Conversation Area, and the stunning Underwater Room is on a private island surrounded by coral. It is reached by a rustic wooden boat.

The accommodation is anchored into what is called the "blue hole" a stunning ocean floor anomaly. The residence is actually floating. From the accommodation, one can gaze up into the turquoise blue water and just watch the shoals of reef fish swim leisurely by. The accommodation is made up of three levels.

  • Minimum Stay: 3 Nights Minimum
  • Price: From $1,840 Per Night
  • Top Level: The Top Level Is Basically A Stargazing and Sun Tanning Bed On The Roof
  • Mid Level: This Is The Lounge Made Of Local Hardwood
  • Underwater Level: The Bedroom Underwater Surrounded By the Many Fish Of The Reef

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Comparing The Two

One benefit of visiting Tanzania over the Maldives is that Tanzania has the same stunning tropical island paradise that the Maldives do - but it also has much more. The Maldives have little more than tropical beaches, while Tanzania has that and the vaunted Serengeti so tourists can also explore the stunning animals of Africa on a life-changing safari. One can combine staying here with seeing elephants, lions, giraffes, and bears (jokes on the bears). See here for everything one needs to know about going on a safari in Africa.

While the Muraka with its $13,000-20,000 price tag (including the service charge and taxes) is only for the very rich of this world. The Manat resort is more affordable - but still very expensive. The Manat resort may be within the budget of middle-income couples on honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary. It is also much less glamorous than the Muraka accommodation. If one was to put the structure on land it would look fairly modest even.

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