Located in Southeast Asia is the Republic of Singapore, or just Singapore as most may call it. The country is famous for so many things but one stands out and these are the Botanical Gardens of Singapore, which were founded in 1859. The Garden showcases over 10,000 types of plants, and the majority featured in this garden, specifically, are tropical flora that stretches extensively throughout 84 hectares.

The National Orchid Garden of Singapore is located within the garden with an amazing assembly of over 60,000 orchids accompanied by 20,000 hybrids. The Botanical Gardens of Singapore are enough reason to plan a visit to Singapore. Here's what visitors can do there.


Necessary Things To Know Before You Go

The Botanical Gardens of Singapore gives you the option of a romantic time for couples and can be a place of learning for families with children. The weather can be erratic so ensure to bring protection e.g., sweaters, umbrella, and sunglasses. Some surfaces may be uneven so wear sturdy shoes that suit the occasion such as sneakers

How To Get To The Botanical Gardens

The simplest and fastest route is by making use of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, also known as MRT. This will take you straight to the Botanical Garden station.

National Orchid Garden

Located on the highest hills of the Singapore Botanical Gardens is the National Orchid Garden. This garden was founded on 1995 October 20th by Mr. Lee Khan Yew. The beauty of the National Orchid Garden cannot be over-emphasized as its beauty is second to none.

The National Orchid Garden features the Tropical Montane Orchidetum. The Tropical Montane Orchidetum gives visitors a refreshing experience as though they are moving through a tropical forest that displays a wide array of orchids accompanied by other plants such as ginger and bromeliads. The National Orchid Garden also features the Sembcorp Cool House which was designed to simulate the feel of a montane forest. The National Orchid Garden is a paradise for researchers and plant lovers alike.

Need To Know

  • Cost: A $15 fee for adult visitors of the National Orchid Garden and a $3 fee for both seniors and students; free for kids under the age of 12
  • Admission: Tickets are to be paid for on-site of the National Orchid Garden
  • Hours: Opening hours are from 8:30 am to 7 pm daily
  • Smoking is not allowed

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Heritage Museum

In the Holttum Hall of Singapore's Botanical Gardens, you will find the Heritage Museum. This museum was erected in 1921 to function as the Director of the Gardens office. This is where the first orchid breeding technique was developed. This technique has played a vital role in the stimulation of the orchid industry and is still in use to this day. The museum houses historical pieces such as old photos, plant specimens, artifacts, and some unique botanical books. Visitors to the Heritage Museum can participate in a tour of this wonderful place while accompanied by a tour guide.

Need To Know

  • Hours: Opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm throughout the week
  • Dates of Operation: The Heritage Museum is closed every last Monday of the month
  • Cost: Entrance is free

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This nature-friendly gallery is located at the Holttum Lawn. The gallery is essentially part of the Heritage Museum, kind of like an extension. The Green Gallery is hoped to become Singapore's very first zero energy green gallery with solar panels attached to the roof with a current expectancy of 31,00 kHz. If the gallery can produce this energy, it will be a game-changer as the yearly amount of energy used is 30,00 kWh per year.

Need To Know

  • Hours of Operation: Open hours for the CDL Green Gallery are from 9 am to 6 pm; the museum is closed every last Tuesday of the month.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Tour

The Singapore Botanical Garden offers visitors and plant lovers tours around the facility. Of course, with the presence of a tour guide. You begin your tour at the Heritage Museum while listening to amazing facts about the Botanical Garden and enjoying the view and smell of nature. You can take time to enjoy your tour at your own pace. Visitors are allowed to pick their tour group within 2 to 10 members. And also, visitors get to see collections of Nibong Palms by the lake.

Need To Know

  • The tour is an average of 3 hours
  • Mobile tickets are accepted
  • The tour is offered in English
  • Refunds will not be available if visitors miss the tour
  • To get a full refund, visitors must cancel their tours 24 hours in advance

What To Expect

  • It is a walking tour
  • Local tour guide
  • Visitors get picked up from their hotels and dropped off after the tour
  • No food or drinks are served during the tour

Singapore's Botanical Gardens is a unique place for those who enjoy nature and is worth visiting as it brings you closer to nature than ever before.

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