As summer approaches, so do the hot summer days. Between the heat and the longer daylight hours, it can be tough to find something fun as well as relaxing while staying cool.

A popular option is a pool, whether public or private, but why cool off in a confined area when two things can get checked off the summer wish list: travel abroad and visit a fabulous beach? Greece in particular is a beautiful destination to do so. Clear water, cooler weather, and beautiful sights, the perfect travel destination. So, here are the best Greek islands to enjoy a beach vacation.

8 Myrtos, Kefalonia

One of the finest beaches in Greece, it is one of the top destinations for travelers. Along a winding road down a mountain, it is no surprise that the beach is not only dramatic but beautiful. Cliffs surround the blue water and white sandy beach to create a picture-perfect experience. A picturesque escape from reality and a wonderful relaxer for those who find life a bit too mundane.

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7 Elafonisi, Crete

As one of the most popular beaches for travelers, it is no wonder that the beach itself is a beauty to behold. Pink sand meeting warm, blue water is just one reason for its popularity. The other, exotic flowers coat the island in sweet scents. Kick back and enjoy a book or magazine with your feet in the water, you will find yourself drifting away in your imagination to an even more relaxing place.

6 Mylopotas, Ios

One of the liveliest beaches in Greece, there is something for everyone, single or family. The island itself possesses a stunning natural beauty that will be remembered for years, especially with the pictures that can’t be resisted. The island itself hosts various activities such as water sports and even a beach bar. There is no shortage of entertainment here whether big or small, there is something for even the pickiest travelers or vacationers.

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5 Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos

It is no surprise that the name koukounari means pine cone in Greek. The beach is bordered by large trees that offer cooling shade from the heat of the sun. Long curves of golden sand clash together with warm blue waters and stunning skylines that create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing vacation.

4 Firiplaka, Milos

A favorite destination among visitors, the island sports volcanic cliffs that are yellow, pink, and white, adding a mystical element to the beach below. The car park atop these cliffs provides a dazzling view, the perfect skyline to match the most artistically attractive shoreline. The south coast is partially composed of sunbeds, umbrellas, and even a beach bar on its pebbly, sandy, narrow beach.

3 Red Beach, Santorini

As one of the most dramatic beaches in all of Greece, it certainly lives up to its name. With cliffs as well as sand made from volcanic rock painting the land, it is hard to not be captivated by its picturesque skyline and warm waters. The only downfall is that the stunning red walls are prone to landslides, be sure to check with local authorities before venturing onto its captivating sand.

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2 Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

The most famous beach on Lefkada, a truly beautiful sight to see. The trip descending to the secluded beach presents many beautiful pictures for its visitors. Coupled with stunning white cliffs, the beach creates a dramatically captivating image that you never want to leave. Aside from the dazzling views, there are fun activities such as underwater cave explorations that visitors can enjoy to enhance their experience of the already alluring island.

1 Voutoumi, Antipaxos

Internationally praised by The Telegraph and the Lonely Planet as one of the best beaches in Europe, it is no wonder so many tourists flock to its white shores every year. Blue waters meet white pebbles in a beautiful dance that perfectly complements the skyline above them. The beach texture provides a nice change of pace as well as peace for its relaxing visitors that simply cannot be beaten.

Europe is decorated with stunning beaches and shorelines but Greece outranks them all. Captivating shore and skylines actively hold visitors' attention and provide memorable experiences that simply can’t be replaced. So, kick back and enjoy a good book or magazine at one of its lovely shores as your imagination runs wild.

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