South Pacific vacations are the kind of vacations that’ll transport one into a thrilling revelation of jaw-dropping natural beauty, fascinating history, and mesmerizing traditional cultures. Here’s where one will find miles of sandy beaches that are flat-out gorgeous, some of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, secluded islands that appear untouched by human feet, and a dozen other mind-blowing attractions.

While there are many locations in the South Pacific area that’ll surpass a traveler’s idea of a dream vacation, many who’ve visited this stretch of paradise insist that no place comes close to Vanuatu. In this article, we’ll show why Vanuatu stands a shoulder above her peers. We’ll also disclose the best time to visit it—in addition to the activities that one can do there. But first, let’s start with the time.


What’s The Best Time To Visit Vanuatu?

While Vanuatu is to a large extent an all-time destination with a wonderful semitropical climate with fine, warm weather almost all year round, still, the best time to visit Vanuatu is between April and October. This is the time the weather is at its most pleasant. Speaking of weather, Vanuatu has two well-marked seasons. The first is the dry summer season that begins around November/December—and ends around February or March. The other is winter: a cool but dry period that runs from around May/June to August/September. For someone coming from the United States, this can be a little confusing. This is because summer in the United States corresponds to winter in Vanuatu. Similarly, winter in the U.S corresponds with summer in Vanuatu.

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There’s another thing. While winter and summer in the US are characterized by a sharp contrast in weather conditions, the seasons in Vanuatu are only different to a degree. This is because Vanuatu is so near the equator that the difference in weather conditions is not very pronounced. The good news is that while the seasons in the United States are different from those in Vanuatu, the summer days in the US—which are the main travel seasons in the country—are fairly similar to the winter days in Vanuatu, which, coincidentally, are also the finest days for travel in Vanuatu.

Here’s the reason why the dry summer season—which runs from around November-December to February-March—is not the finest time to visit Vanuatu. Summer sees more wet, rainy, and humid days. This is also the season when the sun looks to have dropped by a mile or two. It can get impossibly hot when temperatures shoot to the highs of 31°C (88 °F). When these sizzling conditions are accompanied by humidity, the skin will feel sticky and overheated, while the air will be heavy and thick. The consequence can be a feeling that’s almost unbearable. On the other hand, winter days are the best because the heat and humidity have lifted away— significantly—and temperatures are usually cool and breezy. At this time, the northern sides experience average daily temperatures of about 27 °C (81 °F) while the central regions around Port Vila, the compact capital of Vanuatu—experience lower temperatures of about 22 °C (72 °F). In the southern regions, the temperatures get to even lower levels. On certain days, it can actually feel chilly. The saving grace is that rains have slowed down and most places are dry.

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Here Are The Activities That One Can Do In Vanuatu In Winter

The beach would obviously be the first go-to place in winter. This is unlike the US and other western countries. While this is usually the coolest time in Vanuatu—with some southern regions hovering between cool and cold—the water temperature at sea stays consistently warm. So if one will want to walk on the pristine sand; or take a plunge in the clear, glittering waters, this would be a perfect time. As we’ve indicated, the water is normally balmy—and would be a splashing, trickling delight on the skin. Aside from swimming, Vanuatu is easily one of the best snorkeling spots on earth. This is because the shimmering waters are calm and clear—due in part to the abundance of colorful coral reefs. The unspoiled island of Tana, on the side facing the beautiful ecological resort known as Rockwater, is hands-down the best snorkeling site in Vanuatu.

  • How Much Is A Room At Rockwater Resort? Rooms range from VUV 30,000 (258 USD) to VUV 40, 000 (342 USD)

Other interesting winter activities include scuba diving—by which you can go down several meters to see the wreck of SS President Coolidge, an American luxury ocean liner that was sunk by mines in Espiritu Santo, about an hour’s flight from Port Vila. One can also go kayaking and paddling on top of the sublime blue holes in Espiritu Santo. At the Naghol land diving festival, one will come face to face with a culture—that’s uncomfortably bizarre. The bubbling waters of the Nasinu Hot Springs are not only refreshing but also healing. But one can also just hop from one unspoiled island to another one. Vanuatu has about 80 islands.

Here’s the truth: Vanuatu is a destination like no other. Still, knowing when to visit and what to do—may turn a beautiful trip into a dream vacation.