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Finding budget-friendly airlines, hotels, and tourist attractions can be challenging in Vegas – which is why knowing the best time to visit and how else one can save money is quintessential. Famous for gambling, this city is alive day and night – and there are many activities travelers can do other than just gambling! With a reputation for bringing out the best and worst in visitors, Vegas is a perfect destination to let loose and have fun. Whether one is visiting for work, spending time with family, or just having fun, there are ways to save money when exploring this city. Here is the cheapest time to stay in Vegas and how else to save money.


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The Cheapest Time To Stay In Vegas

September and November, and January through April are the cheapest months to visit and stay in Vegas. The first reason for this is the airfare. Getting to Las Vegas on a flight can be expensive, and since the city is located in Nevada, some tourists chose to drive through the desert to get there – which is workable but takes more time. Most travelers end up choosing flight over driving through the desert. Flying to Vegas isn't always that pricey, and this always encourage travelers to visit – and there are always ways to make flying into this paradise affordable. The cost of a flight to Las Vegas depends on how far one is from the city. Being an iconic travel destination in the U.S., one can find direct flights leading them to Las Vegas from across the country. This is good news for travelers visiting from other countries as well.

Flying to Las Vegas, generally, is more expensive during holidays as many people are traveling. That means that the cheapest time is outside the major flying days.

To get the best possible rates, travelers should ensure they book at least a month before vacating, and avoid flying into Las Vegas on Fridays and out on Sundays as the prices are high. Planning arrivals and departures on weekdays are every traveler's best move to staying in Vegas on a budget.

These are also the cheapest months to book hotels in Las Vegas. The cost of hotels is a major factor to consider when one is preparing a traveling budget. There are cheap hotels to book within the city limits, but some visitors prefer the popular ones. Sunday is the best day to book a hotel as travelers on weekend getaways have gone.

Travelers should double-check everything if they are looking for cheap hotels. Look for hidden fees like the price they have to pay for parking. Look for hotels with free parking that provides other bonus benefits to their customers.

Which Are The Cheapest Days Of The Week To Stay In Vegas?

Due to many visitors vacating on weekends, weekdays are the cheapest time to stay in Vegas. Sundays to Thursdays are the best bet for tourists looking to stay in the city on a budget as the things are a bit slower during these days. Moreover, prices for hotels (both budget and luxury) are always lower by at least 50% on weekdays than on weekends, giving travelers incredible bargaining opportunities.

Travelers looking for huge discounts should book during the week and maybe plan to include a weekday if they are going on a weekend getaway. This gives them greater deals, usually half the normal price.

Budget Tips For Visiting Vegas

Avoid Big Events

While the cheapest time to stay in Vegas plays a critical role in determining the cost of a hotel, seasonality doesn’t always influence the rates – and the prices may decrease or increase, regardless of the season. Events arranged on a given week are the actual determiners of prices because things like conventions, festivals, and major sporting events attract so many people – and will definitely affect the hotel rates. To get the best rates for staying in Las Vegas, travelers must try hard to avoid big events. One way to avoid big events in Las Vegas is checking when they are going to happen in town and booking around the dates. Alternatively, travelers can check online and book dates that coincide with big conventions in a particular hotel.

Use Ride-Sharing Apps Instead Of Opting For A Rental Car

Rentals cars are expensive, costing over $50 a day, making Uber and Lyft better options for travelers looking for ways to save money while staying in Vegas. Getting around town on an Uber or Lyft is the fastest and most convenient option, considering their speed and freedom. Travelers even have the option of ride-sharing with other people to make the service even cheaper or having the whole car to themselves and enjoy the ride and incredible views of the city.

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Choose A Hotel Without Resort Fees

There is an extra fee most hotels in Las Vegas charge apart from the usual room rate. It is called a resort fee – and is charged per night at the end of the stay. If travelers do not inquire about such fees, they might not know how much they cost. To avoid getting stuck with extra fees, check and book hotels with no daily resort fees.

How Else To Save Money In Vegas

Travelers should make use of the smaller airports found where they're already staying. Flying from Los Angeles International Airport can be messier than flying out of Ontario. This is because the flight and parking costs are more expensive than in smaller airports. Checking the airlines websites is an appropriate practice if one is looking for the cheapest time to stay in Vegas. Learn exactly which airlines fly to Vegas as well as the booking package deals to save money.

Getting around this city on these budget tips is possible if travelers visit during the cheapest time to stay in Vegas, which are essentially, the non-busy months and weekdays.