Weather is an important deciding factor when it comes to vacations because convenient weather means an enjoyable vacation. It is therefore important for travelers to carry out careful observation and analysis of the weather of a destination before visiting. On second thought, Humans are dynamic and very tolerant creatures which means they can thrive in difficult situations.

This explains why humans can still be found in places with the most extreme weather conditions such as Oymyakon, Russia, and Death Valley, California. This dynamic nature means that people can visit the windy city of Chicago at any time of the year as the city always offers things to do and enjoy; however, some of the best things to enjoy in the city of Chicago are best reserved for the most comfortable and convenient month of the year.


What Is The Best Month To Visit Chicago?

Generally, summer is the best season to travel because people feel happier and healthier when the weather is warmer. Due to this fact, it is true to say that most people prefer warmer temperatures even though there is a limit to the heat they can take before it becomes inconvenient. This, therefore, means that an overall average summer temperature is what people need to enjoy the best from a vacation.

From The Coldest To The Warmest And The Most Convenient (Best)

In Chicago, according to Climate-Data.Org, the temperature of Chicago in the winter season from December to February is characterized as freezing and January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -3.80C (25.20F).

From March to May, a steady rise in the temperature can be seen as the spring season begins; however, the rainy days come with uncomfortable and unpredictable weather.

From June to August, the temperature positions at the twenty-degree Celsius mark with June at 20.7oC (69.20F) while July and August rise up a little to 23.80C (74.80F) and 23.20C (73.70F) respectively. At 200C, the temperature is considered warm, and above 250C, the temperature is considered hot. This makes June one of the most comfortable months to travel; however, the best is still yet to come.

The months of July and August are the hottest months of the year since they are the closest to the 250C point. These two months are also the rainiest and for many (who consider weather), this is just a lot of weather inconvenience to deal with.

This brings the temperature analysis to the month of the year with the most letters – September. In Chicago, The average temperature in September is 19.60C (67.30F) which is just perfectly positioned away from cold temperature and very close to warm temperature. During this month, rainfall is moderate, the skies are clearer and the summer sun is at its mildest. In addition, hotels are cheaper, children are back in school, the summer crowd is lesser, and the temperature is just warm enough to make September the most comfortable month of the year in Chicago.

Why September? And Not May, June, July, Or August?

The months of May, June, July, and August are considered the closest to September in terms of temperature, but...

Why Not May?

May is a good time to visit Chicago as the month falls in the rejuvenating and refreshing spring season. During this period, flowers blossom at their best and the fields are green again. For some, this is perfect; although, the weather during May can be very unpredictable which means travelers can only engage in other outdoor activities when the weather permits.

Why Not June, July, Or August?

The summer months of June, July, and August are also great periods to visit Chicago as lots of activities are available to enjoy. Again the intensity of the weather during this period might cause outdoor activities to be a little difficult (although it’s perfect for some). Besides the heat, the high amount of rainfall can result in thunderstorms. To be fair, these months (especially June) can be the perfect time to visit Chicago for many; although, travelers who wish to engage in outdoor activities during these periods should always be sure to check the city's weather forecast beforehand.

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Things To Do In September in Chicago

With the perfect weather in September; visitors will enjoy an unforgettable vacation experience in the city of Chicago by engaging in some of these activities.

Attend A Music Festival

The state of Illinois is a music-loving state and in Chicago, lots of music festivals wait to begin in September. Some of these festivals include:

  • The Chicago Jazz Festival: A free jazz festival that usually takes place in early September and lasts for four days.
  • Hyde Park Jazz Festival: A free jazz festival held in late September at venues close to Hyde Park.
  • ARC Music Festival: A music event usually held in Labor week at Union Park and features music genres such as - Electronic and House.

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Explore A Museum

Museums are numerous in Chicago and many of them feature historical, scientific, and artistic materials to educate visitors. Some of the best Museums to visit in Chicago include:

  • The Field Museum: One of the most popular museums in Chicago due to its historic and scientific materials. The museum offers complimentary admission for Active military personnel and Illinois teachers. IDs are required to enjoy this offer.
  • Art Institute of Chicago: A large museum that offers a premium exploration of world-class Art such as - paintings, photos, and sculptures.
  • Chicago Botanic Garden: A 385-acre garden that offers an exploration of different plant species.
  • Chicago Historical Museum: A historic museum that reveals the history of Chicago and the US through its millions of artifacts.

Take Tours

Tours are easy ways to explore the city with the help of experienced people. Lots of tours are available for visitors to take and some of the best include - River Architecture tours, Sightseeing cruises, bus tours, and food walking tours.

Attend a Sport Event

The city of Chicago is a passionate sport-loving city. Travelers who love sports will enjoy a vibrant sporting atmosphere with like-minded sports lovers at football, basketball, baseball, and other sporting events which take place in Chicago in September. Those who do not enjoy sports will love the atmosphere anyway. Visitors Simply need to purchase tickets for their favorite September sporting events and then create a schedule to attend.

More Things To Do In Chicago In September

  • Engage In Outdoor Activities such as - Hiking, Kayaking, Biking
  • Shop At The Farmers Market
  • Take a walk around the city and enjoy street art
  • Catch some fun with kids at Navy Pier

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