Planning a family trip to Las Vegas this summer? While Vegas is fun all year round, in the summer the temperatures soar—and you may need to find some creative ways to cool off. Splash pads definitely fit the bill, as they are great for kids and generally family-friendly--without all of the hustle and bustle of the larger hotel or public pools.

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For visitors to Sin City that need some cooling off, there are several parks with splash pads where both kids (and adults!) can chill out.


*All the parks listed below are free to enter and open to the public.

Bob Baskin Park

This Vegas park is a family favorite because of its playground, water play area (including splash pad), tennis courts, a track for walking/jogging, and more. Visitors find the small park clean and charming, with nice playground equipment for the kids.

  • Address: 2801 W. Oakey Blvd.
  • Hours: 7 AM-11 PM
  • Dog-friendly
  • Water Area Open May-September
  • Fun Fact: The park was named Bob Baskin, who was a longtime city council member in the 1940s.

Centennial Hills Park

Clocking in at approximately 120-acres, Centennial Hills is the largest park on the list. Family-friendly, including a playground with ADA accessible ramps and features, a picnic area, sand volleyball courts, a large water play area, and dog runs, this park is a great place to cool off and have a picnic. There’s also an amphitheater on-site for outdoor special events.

  • Address: 7101 Buffalo Drive
  • Hours: 7 AM-11 PM
  • Dog-friendly
  • Great outdoor views and plenty of open space
  • Fun Fact: The park is built around a historic inverted riverbed, and the signs around the walking/jogging path educate visitors about the area’s history.

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Cougar Creek Park

This park has a ton of activities for the entire family—including a zip line, rock climbing hill, a playground for both younger and older kids, a fitness area for adults, a large water play area that includes water canals, and a splash pad, and more.

  • Address: 6635 W Cougar Ave.
  • Hours: 7 AM-11 PM
  • Dog-friendly (must be leashed)
  • Large Picnic Area
  • Fun Fact: This park also has pickleball courts. Gaining in popularity as a game for all ages and skill levels, pickleball is a fun game that is played with a paddle and plastic ball—it is a mish-mash of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.

Paseos Park

People describe this park as a “hidden gem” whose lush, green surroundings feel removed from the Las Vegas desert. With plenty of playgrounds, a large field, basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and a large water play area with an amazing splash pad. Visitors will enjoy the BBQ grills on-site and plenty of seating for picnics and get-togethers.

  • Address: 12122 Desert Moon
  • Hours: 7 AM-11 PM
  • Dog-friendly
  • Large sandbox and play area
  • Well-maintained, grassy environment
  • Fun Fact: The splash pad is a fave of visitors who describe it as “huge” with a ton of water features. Even though the park is located near a gated community, it’s still open to the public.

Splash pads are great for cooling down in the hot summer months, and these family-friendly parks have plenty of activities for kids of all ages who want to cool off in the blistering Las Vegas heat.

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