Anyone who loves the Cheesecake Factory knows that there's more to love about this chain than just 30 (plus) different types of cheesecake. That might make a person feel like an insider when it comes to knowing their favorite chain restaurant uber well, but it doesn't mean they know everything about it. The Cheesecake Factory has been around for decades and opened in 1972 in Beverly Hills, California. This accounts for its lavish exterior architecture and luxurious yet inviting interior, complete with high ceilings and grand features.


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With 220 locations around the country, it's no small feat supplying enough cheesecake to each one, and this chain has more interesting factoids surrounding it than most. With twists on contemporary modern American foods and some of the most diverse cheesecakes you'll find in any chain, let alone any restaurant, here's what you probably didn't know about the Cheesecake Factory.

One Family Emptied Their Savings To Open The Bakery That Started It All

Just as with many restaurants that have become chains, the Cheesecake Factory started out quite humbly as a family-run bakery by the Overtons. The original cheesecake was created and baked by Evelyn Overton and the family was so committed to her baked goods that they traveled across the country to open up a bakery. Not surprisingly, the name of the bakery was The Cheesecake Factory Bakery. By the time the bakery had reached mass success, there were a total of 20 different types of cheesecakes on the menu, and the desserts were sold throughout the city.

The Original Cheesecake Recipe Was Once Public Knowledge

It's not often that you can find the recipe for a dish made by a popular restaurant in a public forum, but that's exactly what happened here. The original recipe that Evelyn Overton used for her famous cheesecake was printed in the newspaper, and the then-housewife found it while searching for the perfect dessert.

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At the time, Overton was living in Detroit and the recipe was published in the local paper - after her adaptation, it became a smash hit with family and friends. Initially, she baked the cakes in her basement and sold them to restaurants before deciding to open her own bakery.

The Cheesecake Factory defied traditional restaurant standards by first having an incredible dessert menu, followed by an equally impressive entree menu. In terms of good business sense, this idea was brilliant - it encouraged customers to come for a slice of famous cheesecake, while also encouraging them to stay thanks to great entrees. With a menu that's more expansive than most, filled with a great mix of American comfort food and elevated traditional dishes, it was and still is, a homerun for the Overtons.

If These Other Restaurants Sound Familiar, It's Because They're Park Of The Cheesecake Factory Family

While the Cheesecake Factory is comprised of 220 restaurants, only 206 of them are actually Cheese Factory restaurants. So, what are the other 14? Thirteen of these are under the name Grand Lux Cafe, with another being under the name RockSugar Southeast Asian Kitchen. All 220 restaurants have been successful, each run with the same home-style feel and touch of luxury. And, of course, a great dessert menu.

Only Two Bakeries Are Responsible For Supplying Every Restaurant In The Country

With so many locations, it's hard to believe that only two bakeries are baking up the cheesecakes that fans know and love. The bakeries are on either side of the country with one in Calabasas Hills, California, and the other in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Between the two of these, each bakery is responsible for baking the 50 types of cheesecake that Cheesecake Factory is known for, including the Original.

Fans Once Had Cheesecake Shipped To Them In A Multitude Of Ways

There's nothing better than getting a care package in the mail - especially when it's full of cheesecake. A couple of years back, fans had their favorites delivered to them if they don't happen to live near a Cheesecake Factory, thanks to the partnership between the chain and Harry & David. Through the latter, 12 cheesecake flavors were available for delivery and were shipped directly to your front door. Costs varied and went up to as much as fifty bucks, which some would wholeheartedly agree is worth it to have your favorite cheesecake without ever leaving the house. Those who wanted a regular delivery of the Cheesecake Factory's finest also once had the option to join the Cheesecake of the Month club.

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