Every year, a lot of people choose to visit different spots around the world. But one of the things that can keep a person from doing that, no matter how badly they might want to, is money. When people think about going on a vacation, one of the things that pop into their mind is how much it is going to cost them.

According to wisebread.com, this kind of thing can really make taking a trip a lot less fun than it should be. But there are some ways for people to make the overall cost of a trip cheaper, especially when it comes to airfare. There are specific days, as well as times of the year when airlines drop their prices a bit, which is something not many people seem to know about. Here are the best times to get affordable airfare.


Travelers Can Get Really Cheap Airfare On Sunday, Which Is Something Families Might Want To Take Advantage Of

Some people might be surprised to hear this, but there are actually certain days when they can get airline tickets for a relatively cheap price, instead of having to pay a lot of money. One of the best tricks one can use when they are looking to get their hands on some affordable tickets is to buy their tickets on a Sunday.

Some might not think that the day during which they buy their tickets matters much, but it really does. According to forbes.com, a study that was done recently showed that one can find some pretty amazing discounts on airfare on Sundays. That is because many people who are looking to go on a fun vacation tend to purchase their tickets on the weekend, and not on weekdays.

Another interesting fact is that the best day to buy airline tickets was not always on a Sunday. In the past, it appears that travelers were able to get the best discounts on their airfare if they bought their tickets on a Tuesday. Apparently, people who buy their tickets on a Sunday that is between 7 to 14 weeks before their departure date spend around $110 less than they would have to spend if they purchased their airfare at another time. This is something parents might want to remember if they plan on going on a family trip.

January Is The Best Month To Buy Tickets

This might seem very surprising, but there are a lot of things that one must take into consideration when they are trying to figure out when the best time to get their tickets is. One of those things is the month during which they plan to purchase them.

While most people focus on planning out when they are going on their trip, the same amount of focus should probably be put on when they get the tickets as well, since the best time to purchase them seems to be January. According to lifehacker.com, trips that take place during the first half of a year can cost less if the people going on them get their tickets during the first two weeks of the year. After that, travelers will actually have to pay quite a bit more money for the same trip, so booking earlier in the year is better than waiting.

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According To One Study, A Great Way To Save Money On Some Trips Is To Book Them Really Far In Advance

According to travelandleisure.com, there was a study done that showed how far in advance a person should get their tickets if they wish to go on a trip during the summer for a fairly low cost. Those who want to take a trip during that time without spending a lot on their airfare should book the trip approximately 47 days before the trip is supposed to begin.

But the people who want to go on a trip during winter or fall should book those trips a bit further in advance. The ones who wish to do that on a budget need to go shopping for their tickets when they are anywhere between 62 and 69 days away from the date during which the trip is supposed to begin. Lastly, this is also different when it comes to anyone who is planning on getting on an airplane during spring. In most cases, the people who do this tend to get the best prices on their airline tickets when they book their trips approximately three months in advance. While the times during which airline tickets drop tend to be very predictable for the most part, there are some moments when they might drop unexpectedly, which means that anyone who plans on traveling on an airplane needs to keep an eye on airfare prices often so that they do not miss out on some great deals.

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