Geocaching is still something that people are doing well into 2021 and, if nothing else, it's gained even more attention since the pandemic. It's an activity that can be done outdoors and is socially distant but, even more than that, it's fun. It's the world's biggest treasure hunt and it costs absolutely nothing to get started (unless you plan on hiding caches yourself, more on that later).

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Feeling like a little kid again as an adult is something that people rarely get to experience, but geocaching is quickly changing all of that. With a blend of hiking, detective sleuthing, navigating, and good old treasure hunting, it's become a hobby that many people love. If you're still not sold then don't worry - there are plenty more reasons why a person would want to search for a box that someone else has expertly hidden. And, if you're still not convinced after that, then maybe the swag will do it.


It Encourages Exploration And Boosts Confidence

The first time you find a cache, there's this tremendous feeling of accomplishment. After following the clues, the GPS coordinates, and the compass, there's nothing like stumbling upon a small treasure. By definition, a treasure can be anything to anyone - but when it comes to geocaching, it's whatever is left behind by the owner of the cache.

The motivation of finding something interesting and unknown is what has many geocachers hunting for new things every week - and leaving new swag for those who come along after them. Each time a cache is checked off your list, your confidence gets a little better knowing what you're capable of doing when you put your mind to it.

Find New Places That Are Loved By Others

Many times, there will be notes left on the geocaching app by the cache owner about the spot that they've chosen. These little notes can explain why the spot was chosen; sometimes, it's because it's off the beaten path and has a great view. Other times, it's sentimental to the person hiding the cache.

And, occasionally, it's a place with a history that a geocacher might think is interesting or significant enough to share with others. Therefore, geocaching becomes so much more than just a treasure hunt - it's a way to connect with others by way of exploration. Who knows, you might even find your new favorite spot to sit and watch the sunset.

Appreciate The Effort By Others, And The Beauty Of The Environment

You could have a cache that's hidden at a local cemetery or in the field of your local park, or you could have one that's stashed at the summit of the nearest mountain. The awesome thing about geocaching is that where a swag box is hidden is up to the cache owner and, many times, they're as unique as the person hiding it. Sometimes, you'll have geocachers who have a unique profession or background that allows them to hide things in unique and interesting ways. Other times, something will be hidden so cleverly in plain sight that you'll laugh at yourself for not having noticed it earlier. This encourages local exploration, of course, but also gives geocachers an appreciation for the skills of others.

Geocaching can also bring you to places that you never would have thought of checking out yourself. Oftentimes, you can discover something new right in your own town that you didn't even realize was there. Geocachers have a habit of exploring a place to the best of their ability which usually means scouting out every corner, and guiding others there is a fun way to share what's been discovered. If you're not gaining a newfound appreciation for the world around you while geocaching, then you're doing something wrong.

All About The Swag

For many people, it's about discovering what's been hidden at a cache site. There will always be a paper log along with the cache but there will also be other things, such as small trinkets. These could be as minimal as a keychain or a small toy that represents a person, place, or reference, or something fun like a lotto scratch-off.

There are rules when it comes to taking what's found in the cache and it must be replaced, but sometimes, there's something extra in there called a trackable. A trackable must be re-hidden after it's found, similar to a game of tag - if you're it, you're the next one to hide that particular cache box or container with new coordinates.

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