When you think of Texas, the major cities such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, and maybe a few others, are usually the first to come to mind. While there's something to fall in love with in every major Texas city, there's also much to fall in love with its lesser-seen parts, as well. Some of the state's most underrated towns are also some of its most beautiful and it goes without saying that they're worthy of a vacation.

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From small towns just outside of charming San Antonio to small cities that no one would ever think to add to their bucket list, Texas has a little bit of something for everyone. If the food, culture, and beautiful country landscape haven't roped you in yet, then these small towns just might charm you enough to do so. And, if not, then these small towns should at least be planned as a day trip from a major city - because you'll never regret taking the road less traveled.


Marfa might not look like much, and the fact that the replication of a Prada store is at the forefront of every photo of the small city only sparks people's curiosity even more. That replica is actually an art installation, and it's only one of several reasons to visit this desert-like destination. The installation is formally known as Prada Marfa and it's a permanent fixture, with a scenic desert landscape falling behind it, making for an unusual sight.

Additionally, Marfa, Texas, is also the location of the famed Marfa Lights. These lights have been appearing over the city since 1883 and still remain unexplained today, and it's another unusual thing that brings people to this part of Texas. And, finally, Big Bend National Park is not far from Marfa by any stretch - so, after all of that intriguing light-watching, avid hikers can try their boots at some cacti-filled trails.


Fredericksburg is a unique Texas town that will go over well with history buffs, as it's been on the National Register of Historic Places since the 1970s. Speaking of history, this town also boasts something that not many people would expect: German roots. In 1846, the town was founded by Prince Frederick of Prussia, hence the name, and it's also the sister city of Montabaur, Germany.

Therefore, travelers who visit the town might notice that much of its charm comes from the German influences on which it was built. A unique array of shops and restaurants all make up this town's center, and it's a place where visitors will enjoy simply walking around and taking in the atmosphere. Quaint bed and breakfasts are also an option in Fredericksburg, which allows travelers to take in the town, and its ambiance, in a more intimate and cozy way.

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For the nature lovers who visit Texas looking for something scenic, Hunt offers that - and much more - in spades. This quaint location can be found smack dab in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, which gives it vistas for miles on end. Limestone peaks pave the way to a seemingly infinite number of lakes and rivers.

This is the place to head for anyone who's looking to immerse themselves in all of the nature that Texas offers and Hunt is arguably the best place to do it. With plenty of options for camping, and for lodging nearby Kerr Wildlife Management, this is a great place to simply relax, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the simple things. Although the town of Hunt is small, travelers will also find some resorts there that might just have everything they're looking for when it comes to some R&R.

Port Isabel

For something entirely different a little closer to the waterfront (technically on the waterfront), Port Isabel is a hidden gem. This tiny Texas town might not seem as though it gets a lot of attention but it's actually one of the most popular coastal stops in the state. It's beloved by locals and tourists alike and it's easy to see why; the views alone have people coming back summer after summer.

Port Isabel is a gateway to beaches and swimming in the Laguna Madre Bay. Thanks to its convenient water access, it's also a popular place for people to go for recreational water sports, as well. Anything from kayaking to fishing is fair game in these waters, and the gorgeous landscape of Port Isabel only makes it that much more desireable. When it comes to seaside escapes, this is one small coastal town to consider over any other.

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