Welcome aboard one of the many Royal Caribbean cruise ships, where every experience is a top priority for every crew member and director onboard. To perfect each adventure, whether it be to the Caribbean, Asian, Europe or elsewhere, passengers onboard each ship receives a relaxing and entertaining experience, filled with mouth-watering menus and refreshing cocktails and onboard entertainment.

There are some basic and standard activities that are still fun for the entire family, such as the pool, rock climbing, the spa, and the on-land excursions. But, there are other outlets of pleasure that are included and more extravagant, like Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals and Royal Caribbean original productions.


The most incredible word that can be used when purchasing a cruise vacation is the word free or complimentary. We wanted to clear up exactly what comes free and what does not during each Royal Caribbean cruise.

A Cabin To Rest, Relax And Recuperate

There are many varieties of cabins and suites on board any of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships. However, their availability and amenities vary based on the voyager's budget and needs. Unfortunately, all standard cabins hold a limit of four people, meaning any families of five or more or groups of friends that are sailing together, will need to add a conjoining room or upgrade their experience to a suite.

For the most part, all cabins come fully equipped with a standard queen-size bed, additional pull out cots or bunk beds, basic entertainment center and lavatory needs, such as showers and toilets. For an additional fee, some cabins may come with a window or a small balcony. Those with a balcony will also come with a standard couch facing the sliding balcony doors.

For those looking to indulge and make the most of their cabin experience, the Royal Suite Class has three different tier packages to choose from. There are lofts that offer a two-story experience, complete with a grand piano, living room, multiple bathrooms, and dining rooms. To make the most out of your family experience, the Ultimate Family Suite comes complete with an in-suite cinema, award-winning video games and consoles, an in-suite slide and rope climber to go up and down, various gaming tables and private living room.

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Most Of The Food, But Most Importantly The Buffet

Each stunning ship is filled to the brim with a wide range of bistros, lounges, and restaurants. With each reservation, whether for a child or an adult, comes with a long list of restaurants that are complementary like the all-you-can-eat buffet, the burger shack, a smaller version of their famous steakhouse, a hot dog joint, cafes and so many more. The total count of restaurants that are offered for free onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships come up to fourteen. In addition, there are another seven kid-friendly restaurants and twenty after-hours bars and lounges.

There are twenty-eight additional restaurants for those that are craving some specific, though these come with low to hefty price tags. The most exclusive restaurant is the famous Jamie’s Italian, created by the famously acclaimed Chef Jamie Oliver.

Purchase An Extra Package And Enjoy Bottomless Sodas And Cocktails

The only drink available for those sailing on one of the biggest cruise lines in the world is complimentary water and juice. However, for an additional daily fee per sailor, everyone can pair their perfect meals with the most refreshing twist of a mocktail, cocktail or soda.

There are different drink packages that range in prices from $12.99 to $89 per day, per person. The lowest tier is the bottomless soda package which also includes a souvenir cup. This includes unlimited refills at any of the pool stations or restaurants. Then, there are the refreshing refreshment packages which include any of the sodas and fountain drinks, mocktails, sparkling water and bottled water, freshly squeezed juices and unlimited coffees and teas.

Lastly, and most importantly, the deluxe package which includes all of the above and then the fun spirits, cocktails, wines, and beers. Best of all, all passengers with the deluxe package can purchase bottles of wine for an additional 40% off.

Feel Lucky At The Onboard Casinos And Enjoy A Show Or Two

One thing that does not lack onboard any of the Royal Caribbean ships is the entertainment certain. Built around customer satisfaction and creating the best experience for everyone on board, the staff at the Royal Caribbean have offered their guests the best complimentary shows, nightlife and casino life cruise lines have to offer. Some of the world-class shows include Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals such as Hairspray and Grease, ice shows, diving shows, and their own original productions.

There are other entertainment outlets, such as the casino, that are free to access but there are, of course, fees to purchase casino chips. Creative activities, such as zero gravity skydiving and plunging into the darkest and tallest sea slide, have a small fee to enter.

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