California is home to numerous beaches and beach towns, however, some of these beach towns remain unexplored by tourists and foreigners. California beach towns stand apart for their casual, welcoming soul, their excellence, and their limitless approaches to play.

A great many people pair sun and surf with Southern California, the exemplary beach town energy can without much of a stretch be found in more focal locales. Regardless of whether you're searching for quality family time or a heartfelt break when the hardest thing you'll do all day is choosing what suntan lotion to utilize, read on to discover the beach towns that will put you in the right frame of mind.

7 Butterfly Town Beach, Montecito

Butterfly Beach, which is situated in the town of Montecito, is a top pick among Santa Barbara residents. The beach is ideal for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, and its exceptional east-west direction makes for some genuinely stunning dawns which are subsequently joined by shockingly better dusk. Butterfly Beach is the spot to go if you need to loosen up your mind and appreciate the view.

6 Malibu

Malibu? You won't find another beach like it. It is quite possibly the most acclaimed stretch of ocean on the planet. It likewise has pockets of modest communities and towns. You can go for a walk on the long wooden dock that sticks out over the Pacific with a couple of themed shops. Malibu beach is a place for recreation no matter your taste. The overall view of Malibu is the definition of nature at its finest.

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5 Coronado

This beach town lies on the south side of the city of San Diego, Coronado is home to the noteworthy Victorian-style Lodging Del Coronado where leaders, royals, and top-notch superstars have visited for years and counting. Presently, families come close to the cabanas for beautiful dusk over the campfires. It is, by all means, a great spot to visit with companions, family, or if you are essentially searching for a peaceful time. If so, Coronado is the place to go.

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4 Ventura

This beach town is located just 68 miles northwest of Los Angeles. It has a functioning harbor, fishing marina with shops, exhibitions, cafés, and lots of water-based activities. You’ll find a merry-go-round and you can go stand-up paddle-boarding. Ventura is one loaded with surfers. It is also where you will discover the Channel Islands Public Park Guest Center close by a survey tower where you can spot over three hundred types of birds. The beach is also known to have many sea lions. Some say they can be played with, but who knows? You shouldn't wander too close to any of them without the approval of instructors.

3 Santa Monica

Santa Monica beach town can be found west of downtown Los Angeles in Southern California. Santa Monica beach town is a notable illustration of most of the popular Southern California beach towns. With a limited number of beaches in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica beach steps in to save the day. Do you like surfing and other beach exercises? Santa Monica beach has precisely the thing you're searching for.

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2 Huntington Beach

Huntington beach town in southern California is by no means a small community. Huntington Beach is home to about two hundred thousand inhabitants. The beach town regardless has a cool vibe with sandy, level beaches. Huntington Beach has pleasant waves because of the flows around Catalina Island and it has a solid economy. Just like any other beach town, Huntington Beach is a place to go relax and have a good day.

1 Laguna Beach Town

Laguna Beach town is a beautiful one. It additionally has twenty thousand acres of ensured natural land for trekking and climbing, and an enchanting shopping area you can reach by leasing bicycles for fun. Be sure to treat yourself to comfortable accommodations at the Montage Laguna Beach, where you can appreciate drinks and have a great time. On the off chance that you are looking for a beach town to visit, Laguna Beach is a great place to go.

With that being said, there are lots of beach towns in California that are not on this list that are worth a visit. Starting from the fine beach sand to the crashing waves, the surfers, and sandcastle builders. The glow of the sun, the relieving sound of the ocean, the shining in the water from the impression of the sun, and the beautiful reflection it creates. It’s outlandish not to be happy on the beach. Here are a few other beach towns in California that are not on this list. We have Venice Beach, Carpinteria, San Clemente, and Manhattan Beach.

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