We know that $750 for one night is too much to spend at any hotel, but are we already speaking of Gianni Versace's Mansion? Well, we are now, and, to be honest, it makes a hell of a difference when compared to regular hotels.

We're not speaking of one of the prettiest hotels in the US, but we sure are of one of the most iconic and luxurious ones! But let's not only mention the luxe accommodations you can find inside Versace's Mansion but also the fact that the designer himself has lived there!

Plus, a lot of celebrities have spent the night at Gianni's home, just like they do at hotel hotspots for celebrities in New York.

Let's find out more about Gianni's Mansion.

10 The Villa Casa Casuarina (Versace Mansion's Name Now) Was Entirely Rebuilt By Gianni

Yes, you read that right. Even though we refer to Gianni Versace's house as the "Versace Mansion", the truth is that it was recently bought by a hotel chain, which has named the place "The Villa Casa Casuarina."

However, the mansion was left intact, as it still looks like what Gianni designed it to be: a bunch of elegant, luxurious suites in which you can sleep if you're up to spend a little fortune.

9 Gianni Designed The Whole Transformation Of The 24 Original Apartments (And Turned Them Into 10 Suites)

We are speaking of one of the most renowned designers in the world, so it would come as no surprise if we were to tell you that Gianni Versace has rebuilt the entire mansion after he bought the place. Fortunately, this is not one of the 25 deserted mansions around the world as it now works as a very popular hotel in Miami—one of the most important ones, to say the least...

8 You Can Sleep In Gianni's Room, But Also In Donatella's

Whenever she visited Gianni, Donatella would stay in "The Venus Suite," one of the most luxurious suites in the building. You already knew this if you have watched "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace."

The suite was destined for Donatella only, so it's a great place to spend the night if you're a fan of the Italian designer's work. However, you should know that this is one of the most expensive suites.

7 If You Want To Sleep At Gianni's Former Room, You Need To Book "The Villa Suite"

The Villa Suite was Gianni Versace's former bedroom, so there are a lot of feelings mixed in the room. It can be a great experience if you don't mind sleeping in the bedroom of a person who's been murdered, but it will be the worst thing ever if you don't want to sleep in that same bed. Either way, you must know by now that this is the most expensive suite to stay in.

6 Besides Sleeping, You Can Also Swim In A 24 Karat Gold Tiled Pool

It's not a regular pool. It's not the swimming pool you can find at any hotel, trust us—and we think you can see that from the picture above, right?

Besides noticing Versace's iconic symbol on the ground, you can also see the giant pool right in front of that, which is covered with 24 karat gold tiles all over.

We think you would feel the richest person alive when swimming there, don't you agree?

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5 A Lot Of Celebrities Have Visited The Place

Just another fact that shows you that it may be worth to spend $750 to stay at the Versace Mansion...

You could be able to walk on the same ground as Mr. and Mrs. Carter or Justin Bieber—and, let's be honest, how much does that cost really?

We can't deny that's a lot of money, but we can't forget about the building (and the environment) we are speaking of. It's a luxurious reality...

4 Gianni's Restaurant (The Name Of The Hotel's Restaurant) Serves Exquisite Mediterranean Food

You don't have to spend the night at this hotel to dine at its restaurant, so if you were thinking of bringing your significant other out to dinner, you have found the perfect restaurant.

You will spend a lot of money, we can guarantee you that, but you're paying not just for food, but for a whole experience—one you will remember throughout your life.

Book a table at "Gianni's Restaurant." You will not regret it.

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3 Versace Mansion Is Right On Ocean Drive, Miami's Hottest Spot

Here's another reason why this is such an expensive hotel... Apart from housing one of the most iconic designers in the world, it is also located right on Ocean Drive, Miami's hottest spot.

When you think about all the things you can find in such a place, you start to understand why it is so expensive—and you slowly start to agree with the price and quit discussing it (honestly, you're not required to spend the night).

2 If You Want To Stay At A Luxurious Place, With Luxurious Service, Than Versace Mansion Is The Place

Look at the interior of this place? It's amazing!

People feel like they're walking into a museum whenever they visit Gianni's house. Whether it belonged to Gianni or other celebrities, you can't forget this is now a luxurious hotel and, with such a label, comes a luxurious service as well.

If you want to be treated like royalty, book a night at The Villa Casa Casuarina.

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1 "American Crime Story" Was Filmed In Versace Mansion

If you're a Netflix fan, and also a fan of crime TV shows than this might be the ideal place for you to spend the night. A lot of celebrities have visited Gianni's house since they filmed the show there for about a month. Besides Ricky Martin and Édgar Ramírez, Penelope Cruz and Darren Criss have also wandered the place while recording the show.

If you're a Hollywood fan, book a night at this historical place!

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