Summer never really arrives without a visit to the beach. And when it comes to stunning beaches with some insanely breathtaking vistas, Cape Cod beaches are up there with the finest New England beaches. Add the irresistible laid-back feel and one easily gifts himself a traveler’s paradise. However, Cape Cod has over 120 beaches, and the beach one visits may look just as good as the other. Then considering that beachgoers have different, sometimes clashing preferences, picking the best— or the most popular beach—is not as easy as a stroll on one. Some people like huge, heart-sinking billows. Others like it all calm and blue. Still, we think Mayflower Beach is the best beach on Cape Cod.


Here’s why.

To an extent, a beach is as good as its sand. Of course, there are other factors at play that make for a memorable beach experience. These include privacy, the views around the beach, the cleanliness of the shoreline, the breeze, and the clarity of the water—among many other factors. But nothing compares to walking barefoot on a clean beach where the sand is sparklingly white and the texture powder-soft. The tingling feeling on the soles of one’s feet as the soft sand squishes between the toes and caresses the heels all the way to the ankles, is an experience that’s blissfully ethereal. And true to this description, one of the Mayflower’s most striking features is the stretch of white, pristine sand that’s as silk for softness. The rolling sand dunes that beautifully cascade on the beachfront— add to the beach’s sandy loveliness.

Yet a beach may have the softest sand in the world but lack room and space for a therapeutic beach walk. Fortunately, Mayflower has a spacious beachfront that stretches to even longer miles, especially during low tides. It’s also important to note that Mayflower Beach is shallow. This is consequential, particularly for families with small kids. The parents will easily keep an eye on the young ones with much less anxiety. The kids will also enjoy wading and paddling with fewer shout-outs or screams from worried parents. When the waters recede, some clams and crabs remain partially covered by the wet sand. Children find it a thrill searching for these beautiful aquatic animals. Low tides also gift beachgoers the sight of small tidal pools and beautiful sandbars. And unlike other beaches, Mayflower is not littered with rough, pointy pebbles or prickly shells. As a result, walking on the beach, or even swimming—is more fun and carefree.

  • How Much Is A Daypass To Mayflower Beach? A pass to Mayflower Beach costs $30.

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For beachgoers, there are few things on a beach that spoil a sea-side experience as seaweeds. Although scientists say they are a good sign the beach is healthy, they come with a foul smell that, when it wafts through the air, turns a refreshing breeze into a pungent smell. Many beaches are also just dirty even if they have some pretty fine views. Fortunately, there’s very little seaweed at Mayflower. The breeze is fresh and untainted. The beachfront is spotless. The water is also clean and crystal clear. It’s no exaggeration that one could be waist-deep in water and still be able to clearly see his toes. This makes the desire to plunge into the warm, rippled waters almost irresistible, especially on a hot summer afternoon. And since Mayflower Beach sits on a bay, the waves are gentle and calm which makes for less turbulent swimming.

While one can enjoy a morning or afternoon experience at Mayflower, for some of the most breathtaking sunset views, an evening visit should be on the cards. Usually, the beach is at low tide and the setting sun, the tide pools, the turquoise waters, and the sandbars—all conspire to produce a stunningly colorful glow that’s completely hypnotic.

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The Best Time To Visit Mayflower Beach On Cape Cod

Mayflower Beach gets crowded pretty fast. So one should be up early. Then the best time to visit will also depend on the season. For peak seasons during summer, one should try to arrive at the beach before 8.00 AM if it’s a weekday. Otherwise, an afternoon visit can be ideal. Aside from just being less crowded, there’s the chance to catch a glimpse of one of the most spectacular sunsets anywhere in the Bay State.

One other problem with arriving late is not just the beach being too overcrowded. There’s a real chance that after 10:00 AM, sometimes even 9:30 AM, the parking space will be already full. There’s another important heads-up. No alcoholic beverage is permitted on the beaches around the town of Dennis and a violation will attract a fine of up to $300.

While beauty is hard to rank, a visit to Mayflower Beach will certainly not disappoint. The sand and the sunsets; the calm blue waters and the spectacular views—are not like any other in the whole of Cape Cod.