Those who say that Disney is the happiest place on earth might be surprised to hear that there are some who would disagree. For many holiday lovers, the happiest place on earth is anywhere that celebrates Christmas year-round. It might be hard to believe and we wouldn't blame anyone for reading this a little incredulously but it's true... There are some destinations on this Earth that never actually stop celebrating the holiday.

Whether it's a place that Santa dwells all year-round or a place of significance in regard to popular Christmas traditions, they do exist. These towns are scattered around the world and not only are the jolly on December 25th, but they're also jolly every other one of the year's 364 days, as well. There's even one place that's called Santa Claus as if it gets any more holly-jolly than that. Want us to prove it? Here's the ultimate list of places that Buddy from Elf would likely be caught taking a much-needed vacation to.


The Actual Post Office Of Santa Claus In Rovaniemi, Finland

Not only is this a functioning post office in terms of mailed letters, but its architecture is pretty legitimate in terms of what Santa would use, as well. With natural pine logs and stone in its construction, it will make visitors feel as though they've been transported to a magical place that previously only existed in books and movies.

The post office has been open since 1985 and it claims the title as the official post office of Santa Claus, and the elves are even present to prove it. While Santa's helpers are always bustling about inside helping to get incoming letters to where they need to go, visitors can also take the time to explore the surrounding area. There are plenty of souvenirs and interesting post office details to look at while waiting to mail or write a letter, and it's always an adventure when you're in Santa's Village.

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WaKeeney North Pole

In WaKeeney, Kansas, the North Pole looks a bit different than one would expect. That hasn't stopped this year-round park from celebrating Christmas 365 days a year, though. It's not called the 'Christmas City of the High Plains' for no reason and all it takes is one stroll through to see how serious WaKeeney takes its holiday celebration. What was once a vacant lot is now one of the jolliest places in the state, as the murals covering the walls and the slightly faded-out decor pay homage to the Christmas spirit - or what was left of it when the park was first opened.

While it might be a tad outdated, that hasn't stopped WaKenney North Pole from being just as festive as any other Christmas-themed attraction. It was first opened in the 1950s and every winter season, the park puts on an incredible light show with more than 6,000 lights and a tree that reaches at least 35 feet every year. This display continues on through New Year's Eve, however, the park itself is open all year-round, which does feel a bit strange during the summer months... but once this park is lit up, it's an unforgettable experience.

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Santa Claus, Indiana

Also called 'America's Christmas Hometown,' Santa Claus, Indiana, is actually not the only town in the US with the same name - there's another one in Arizona. However, when it comes to the official Santa capital, Indiana claims to take the cake - or, rather, the cookies - on this one. The town's name was actually never meant to share the same namesake as Father Christmas. Originally, the town was going to be called Santa Fe before finding out that a Santa Fe already existed, therefore, the name Santa Claus was chosen instead. However it happened, we're glad it did, because this town has it going on when it comes to the holiday season.

For starters, everything in this town has the name Santa Claus in front of it - evoking jolly vibes even when it's not winter. As far as attractions go, Santa's Candy Castle is home to Santa's workshop and is always a fun stop for kids. There's also a Santa Claus museum, but it's home to history about the town and its unexpected name change. The Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, which once went by the name of Santa Claus Land, is another fun destination with its winter-themed attractions and rides, and Frosty's Fun Center is another great stop for year-round holiday fun, as well as Christmas Lake Golf Course, which isn't as Santa-themed as you'd think, but still fun for the adults.

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