Contrary to popular belief, there's more than one way to see Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Nevada is a true destination for opportunists, with something for everyone outside of casinos and clubs. While both of those are all part of the Vegas Strip experience, it would truly be a shame to visit this city without seeing all that it has to offer.

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From tours that soar high above the bright lights and glam to rugged, wild west-type of tours, there's really nothing a person can't find in Vegas. Even food tours are a great way to experience the Strip's finest food and drinks, with plenty to see in between.


Grand Celebration Tour With Papillion Grand Canyon Helicopters

One way to start off any Vegas trip with a bang is to see it all from above. The Grand Celebration Tour by Papillion Grand Canyon Helicopters will give guests views of Eagle Point, Guano Point, Lake Mead, and even the Hoover Dam. A special surprise awaits guests at what they think is the end of the tour with a stop at the nearby Grand Canyon.

There, a half-hour break is taken so that guests can enjoy the views from the rim of the canyon over the Colorado River. This package, which runs around $430, also includes a sparkling wine lunch, and various options are available with add-ons through the company's booking service.

Secret Food Tours On The Las Vegas Strip

For those who don't mind a bit of walking, Secret Food Tours is one of the best when it comes to experiencing all that Vegas has to offer its foodies. With tours around some of the best celebrity chef-owned restaurants in the city, participants will have the chance to sample some of the most beloved dishes from each. These vary from savory entrees to sweet snacks over the course of three and a half hours.

The tour does include quite a bit of walking which is an excellent way to see the Vegas Strip without public transportation. Tickets will run guests roughly $120 but that includes all the food sampling (of which there's plenty), and one glass of wine for 21+ participants. Those who might not be interested in the food but are interested in walking tours, in general, can also go through this tour company.

Half-Day Kayak Tour In The Black Canyon With Blazin' Paddles

There's so much to see around Las Vegas that it's no surprise that a kayak tour is one of the most popular in the area. This tour, given by Blazin' Paddles, takes participants on a three-hour trip around the Black Canyon. Over a distance of four miles, kayakers will have the chance to see the Colorado River from a vantage point that's only available from the ground - or river - level. It's entirely possible to see wildlife such as bighorn sheep and bald eagles along the way, along with a stop at the Emerald Cave for some more exploration.

This tour is one of the most affordable at roughly $100 per person (not including transportation to get there). For those seeking a little more one-on-one time with the Colorado River, full-day options are also available, as well as twilight tours.

Night Tour With Big Bus Las Vegas

With practically no walking involved whatsoever, visitors to Vegas will have the chance to feel as though they're one with the stars during this Night Tour with Big Bus Las Vegas. The double-decker bus goes past the hottest Vegas spots, such as the Bellagio and MGM Grand, and introduces passengers to the incredibly light shows on Freemont Street.

Along the way, tour guides will give passengers a brief history and factoid-filled commentary on all the sights they're seeing, all for the cost of only $45. Tours are also offered during the daytime for those who'd rather take in the views during daylight hours.

Sunset Trail Ride And Western BBQ With Cowboy Trail Rides

For food and views, look no further than the Sunset Trail Ride. This trail ride is the most fun a person can have outside of the bright lights of Vegas and is sure to guarantee some great sights - and food. The sunset ride takes riders through Red Rock Canyon where they'll have a first-hand view of the desert and its wildlife, such as coyotes and even wild burros.

After the ride is over, more surprises await riders as they get treated to an authentic BBQ, western-style. The ride itself costs $190 per person and is definitely worth it for this unique experience. Plus, where else can a person get treated to an authentic western steak, corn on the cob, and baked beans, all while stargazing outside of Vegas?

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