Gardening is hard work but don't let anyone tell you that it's not rewarding. The process might seem lengthy and can involve many long hours spent in the dirt, sometimes in the hot sun or a drizzly, rainy day, but there's never a time when it won't be productive. This is something that gardeners love about starting a new season and if you feel the same, or you're just starting out with your own garden, then there are some tools that should probably be in your shed.


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In anticipation of what will likely be a year full of gorgeous flower blooms and abundant crops and herbs, experts have revealed what every gardener should always have in their arsenal. Nothing on this list is fancy nor is it incredibly expensive, making gardening the perfect outdoor hobby to start this year. And if you already have any of these things then you're just one step ahead of the game!

A Double Shovel And Rake Set

Usually, these sets can be found at nurseries or home improvement stores and, more often than not, come in a set of three: a wider shovel for removing larger loads of dirt, a smaller, narrow shovel for precise digging and small-seed-planting, and a miniature rake, perfect for uprooting weeds and the like. These sets usually go for $25 or less and while you don't need to spend tons of money, the sturdier, the better.

Gloves, Nothing Fancy

There are plenty of fancy gloves out there and it is quite possible to spend upwards of $20 on a pair that's waterproof, but it's entirely unnecessary. It's not likely that gloves will be prone to ripping unless the gardener is grabbing prickly branches by the bunch and pulling, so, for the most part, all you need is a pair of simple, cheap gloves to keep your hands clean... and to keep all of those garden critters out.

A Steel Sidewalk And Ice Scraper

It sounds a bit unusual but it's super helpful when it comes to tilling a new garden. Gardeners could easily use a shovel to do this but the problem occurs when the ground is less than cooperative. The smaller steelhead that can be found on a long sidewalk scraper also doubles as the perfect tool to use to dig up dirt in order to turn it into loose ground.

Pruning Sheers

Whether it's troublesome branches or a vine that's grown out of control, pruning sheers are an absolute must when cleaning up the yard for gardening. They'll make quick work out of small tree roots, too, if you happen to be weeding and bump into one. They're just a solid all-around tool to use in many areas of the yard so these are a great thing to have on-hand.

A Good Yard Rake

Autumn will come and it will bring with it all of the leaves that will inevitably fall in your yard and into the garden. A cheap rake is only likely to break more easily after multiple uses while one that's invested in can last for years. If there's anywhere a novice gardener can put their money, it's into a good shovel set and a good rake. If you're keen on it, it's also helpful to have a second, smaller rake for getting into those tough-to-reach corners of the yard or garden, too.

A Hose Head That Makes Watering Easy

For some people, this might be a long pole watering head. For others, this could be a hose mount that has multiple settings depending on what their garden needs. The right hose attachments look different for everyone depending on their garden situation but it's definitely something that should be invested into because it's a fact: a garden needs water. Rather than wasting time on sprinklers sets that can soak one area of the yard too much while neglecting another, a hose is precise and affordable.

Soil Moisture Sensor

You might not think that you need this but you can't always tell what the moisture level of the soil is just by looking at it. The good news is that soil moisture sensors are fairly cheap and can usually be found for less than $10. It'll help provide an accurate idea of when the garden should be watered and how often.

Garden Scissors

Sometimes, you just need to trim a flower bud or cut away some dead leaves and in order to do this, a scissor is the best tool around. Its lengthy blades allow easy access to the undersides of plants (unlike garden sheers) and it's sharp enough to snip through most plant densities.

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