The Austrian city of Salzburg is located just at the border of Germany and has breathtaking views of the eastern Alps. The city of Salzburg is divided by the Salzach River. The new city (Neustadt) with its 19th-century buildings sits on the right bank of the river and faces the old city (Alstadt) with its baroque and medieval buildings on the left bank.

This city is also the birthplace of the legendary composer Mozart. Salzburg is easily one of the most beautiful cities throughout Europe and is commonly known for its architecture and wonderful setting. Get ready for your trip to Salzburg, pack your things, and let's go. Let's get you up to speed for your weekend in Salzburg.


Where To Stay During Your Weekend In Salzburg

Are you planning to spend your weekend in Salzburg? Well, by now you've noticed you are going to need a hotel or a place to stay during this fun weekend. Provided for you below are some places you can stay along with the necessary information.

Salzburg Cottage

The Salzburg Cottage is an easy fifteen-minute walk from the city’s historic center. Salzburg Cottage features a garden close to the Almkamal creek. It also features fast, free Wi-Fi in open spaces for use so surf the internet and have a fun-filled weekend. TVs are present in all areas of the building. A kitchen featuring a dishwasher, an oven, a toaster, and a refrigerator is also available. The cost per night is $286

Featured Facilities:

  • One parking space per person
  • A tennis court
  • Untersberg mountains and golf courses

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The Mozart Hotel

The Mozart Hotel highlights a boutique style. All brilliant rooms are elegantly outfitted and include satellite television, a minibar, and a washroom accompanied with a bath. The Mozart Hotel pricing incorporates a full breakfast accompanied by numerous local dishes. This hotel is just a ten-minute walk away from the old town. However, if you are a pet person, pets are not allowed. The cost per night is a flat rate of $214.

Featured Facilities:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking lot
  • A restaurant
  • Entertainment

What To eat

Salzburg is a little city arranged on the border of Austria. You can discover a variety of amazing foods here that are not affected by any other influence and have their foundations in Salzburg alone. Won't it be fun to try out multiple cuisines during your weekend in Salzburg? These amazing and strange pastries will both leave you breathless and blow your taste buds away with their very smooth and crunchy textures. Provided below are some foods you can’t afford to miss while in Salzburg.


The strudel is a filled, layered pastry that relies upon your inclinations as to what you want to fill it with. Most fillings are fruits and sometimes nuts. Quite a variety of strudel they got there. However, on the off chance that you are on a visit to Salzburg, do ensure to try the authentic dish of Salzburg and have an apple or cheddar strudel, which is a standout amongst other food to eat in Salzburg.


Tafelspitz is a mainstream Viennese Food popular in all of Austria. Tafelspitz is made from boiled veal while some use beef. It is then stewed in stock, presented with a blend of minced apples and horseradish. The star element of this renowned dish is the very tender meat that after cooking seems like butter in your mouth.

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What To See During Your Weekend In Salzburg

You are not in Salzburg for the food alone, are you? Because there are tons of amazing places to visit. Well, you're in luck. Below are some must-see places in Salzburg.

The Original Sound Of Music Tour

The Sound of Music visit is the top decision for devotees of the popular movie. Visitors get a chance to visit all the most important recording areas from the film. Visitors also get to see the wonderful Austrian Lake District while listening to music from the movie.

Need To Know

  • The duration of most tours is four hours (4hrs)
  • Mobile tickets are usually accepted
  • Tours are to be canceled twenty-four hours in advance for a full refund
  • The price for this tour varies by a tour operator, but most are about $70

Mozart Concerts And Dinner

This is a perfect choice for explorers searching for an essential feasting experience in Salzburg. Travel using amazing cable cars to the Hohensalzburg, which is over nine hundred years old. The dinner and concert are held in the monastery cellar of St. Peter’s cathedral in Baroque Hall. Dinner includes dishes served in Mozart’s time along with champagne and candlelight. After supper, visitors can take time to appreciate a presentation of Mozart's most well-known pieces presented by Salzburg's Mozart Chamber Orchestra wearing period costumes.

Need To Know

  • Duration of the event is three hours and thirty minutes (3hrs 30 minutes)
  • Mobile tickets are accepted
  • Tours are to be canceled twenty-four hours in advance for a full refund
  • The price for this tour is $81.95 per adult

Salzburg is a place to visit. If not for the food, for the art. And if not for the art, the overall experience of this city is not rivaled. Get on a plane to Salzburg and enjoy a weekend's luxury of a lifetime in a fun-filled experience.

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