Welcome to Kochi, the capital city of Kochi Prefecture. It is the largest city throughout the Kochi Prefecture. This city can be found in the Shikoku island of Japan and is known for its portrayal of nature's elegance as well as tuna. The island also has a rich history and is home to one of Japan's most well-known samurai, Ryoma Sakatomo. Kochi is also known to be a place for pilgrimage. However, Kochi is a lot more than that. We will be discussing some of the amazing things to see while in Kochi.


Kochi Castle

The Kochi castle stands unique amongst a hundred castles throughout Japan and there is a reason for that. In time past, you could find over five thousand castles spread out across Japan, the Kochi castle being one of them. However, today the Kochi tower remains the most maintained among those still standing. The year 1601 was the year construction of this castle began. Sadly, the Kochi tower was engulfed by a large fire that almost left it in ruins. Thankfully, today the Kochi tower stands tall again. Its revitalization was carried out during the Edo period.

Need To know

  • The Kochi castle is open for tourists from 9 am-5 pm (no one is allowed in after this time)
  • The cost for entrance is 420 yen per adult
  • The castle is free for kids under the age of 17
  • The Kochi castle is closed from December 26 - January 1

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Yosakoi Dance Festival

Life sparks into the city of Kochi every August as the Yasokoi dance festival takes place. This festival sees over 300 teams showcasing their dancing skills to a crowd numbering into the thousands. The city of Kochi becomes so vibrant that every sector and corner of the city is overrun with people. This event is displayed throughout the domestic channels of Kochi. This festival dates back to 1954 and was seen as an avenue to gather people together after a hard time.

Over the years, the popularity of this festival has spread far and wide that it is now celebrated throughout the world despite having its origin in Kochi. The month of August is definitely a perfect time to make your visit to Kochi as the experience of this phenomenal festival is worth it. However, in the chance you cannot make it during this period and still want to have a little feel of it, a museum has been provided in regards to that.

However, a lot of the data is in Japanese. Local guides can assist you or better still, head to the classroom used for dancing to see the dancing attire first hand. Visitors are also given the chance to watch previous performances that took place years ago. However, it does not match the real deal.

Need To know

• The Yosakoi dance festival spans from August 10th - August 11th

• The Yosakoi dance festival reception opens at 5 pm at the Kochi city hall square

• Bookings are to be done in advance either by phone or fax

• The participation fee is at 3000 yen per adult and includes a happi coat gotten from Tosa washi paper alongside naruko clappers

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Makino Botanical Gardens

Dr. Tomitaro Makino, commonly referred to as the father of Japanese botany, was honored by the Makino Botanical Gardens. The Makino Botanical Gardens feature alleys of over 300 beautiful plant species alongside special exotic flowers and other beautiful plants, all of which were discovered by Dr. Tomitari Makino. Six hectares of landmass encompass the beauty of the Makino Botanical Gardens. The garden also has various sectors that will leave you amazed. The Makino Botanical Gardens is mainly known for its greenhouse.

This greenhouse features a magnificent effect that creates multiple colors as though it were a rainbow. This greenhouse consists of tropical plants as well as jungle plants. While in Kochi, this is not a place to miss. The Makino Botanical Garden also has a sector that houses a lot of wild plant species throughout the Kochi prefecture. Lastly, the Makino Botanical Gardens offers a breathtaking view of eastern Kochi's mountains. If you are a plant lover, a researcher, or a botanist, the Makino Botanical Garden is a place for you and definitely worth the visit.

Need To know

  • The Makino Botanical Garden operating hours are from 9 am-5 pm (no one is allowed in after 5 pm)
  • The fee for the Makino Botanical Gardens is 730 yen per adult
  • The Makino Botanical Garden is free for those under the age of 18 as well as high school students
  • The Makino Botanical Garden is closed from December 27 to January 1

The Kochi Prefecture is a place to visit, not only do visitors get time off from their day to day activities, visitors and tourists alike get to explore other parts of the world and experience the cultural differences and, by implication, see what makes every group of people unique in their own way. Also, when in Kochi, visitors get to try some of the best cuisine that the city of Kochi has to offer. So pack your bags and get on a plane for Kochi and experience a memory that will last a lifetime.

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