Around the world, there are many magical caves that are deserving of exploration. When it comes to tropical locations featuring cavern depths, though, it's something visitors are a little less familiar with. One such cave can be found in the Dominican Republic and has appropriately earned the name of the 'Cave of Wonders.' For those who visit, this title rings true - it's an underground wonderland of rock formations and historic Taíno petroglyphs.

Visitors who walk through Cueva de las Maravillas are in for an awe-inspiring experience, as history and Mother Nature co-exist to create one of the most popular tourist attractions in the southeast Dominican Republic.


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Touring Cueva de las Maravillas: What You'll See On The Way

The Greater Antilles is home to the indigenous Taíno people, which is the tribe visitors will learn about as they walk through Cueva de las Maravillas. The caves themselves are sacred and significant to the Taíno people in every way and always have been. It's their ancient artwork that fills the walls, much of which has been perfectly preserved to this day. In total, visitors will find:

  • 472 pictographs
  • 10 petroglyphs
  • Carvings on ancient stalagmites
  • The Great Panel, a funeral ritual cave painting

The cave was first discovered in 1926 by explorers from San Pedro de Macorís. This is where the cave's name comes from since, at the time and still to this day, continues to be the 'Cave of Wonders.'

  • Fun Fact: The cave originally went by the name of Cueva Jagual.

This historic gem is one that is worthy of visiting, both for those appreciative of its history and appreciative of its geological significance. In addition to the historic Taíno artifacts left behind, visitors will see stalagmites and stalactites that span back millions of years. In addition to these, other unique speleotherm formations can be seen during a tour, as well.

The Water Mirror

Within the cave, visitors will come to a unique feature known as the Water Mirror. This, like many underground cavern lakes, gives an incredible illusion that is what its name implies. However, this lake is artificial - but that doesn't make it any less magical. The lake itself mirrors the ceiling of the cavern, making it appear as though whatever is growing from the top, is also growing from the bottom. The optical illusion is an incredible thing to see in person, as the mirror image makes visitors feel as though they've stumbled upon a cavern absolutely growing with rock formations.

The Grand Panel

Another unique feature that one will see on a tour of Cueva de las Maravillas is the Grand Panel. This is an incredible work of Taíno art, that features depictions of humans, along with animals such as owls, iguanas, snakes, and others. These images are part of a funeral ritual, one that often included depictions of owls and bats more than any other. As a whole, these pictographs are some that make up a grand total of more than 400 throughout the entirety of the cave. As visitors wander deeper into its depths, experienced tour guides will tell the stories of these discoveries in English, Spanish, and French.

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What To Know When Visiting Cueva de las Maravillas

Those interested in checking out this incredible natural landmark for themselves should know that it's also one of the most easily accessible caverns in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to its modern lighting, wheelchair-accessible ramps, elevator, and well-maintained underground walkways, it's an absolute joy to visit. The tour itself takes only about 45 minutes to get to the cave's deepest depth, making it a tour that's informative and fun, but also one that's short, sweet, and to the point.

  • Note: Any and all photography, recordings, or musical devices are prohibited inside of the caves.

Visitors should come prepared with sturdy but comfortable footwear, comfortable and breathable clothing, and their desire to learn about one of the most fascinating caves in the Dominican Republic.

  • Tour Cost: RD $300, ~ $5.15 USD

Getting To Cueva de las Maravillas

Reaching the cave is almost as easy as taking the tour. About 15 minutes from San Pedro de Macorís, travelers will find the cave entrance between the Soco and Cumayasa Rivers. This location can be reached easily with a taxi ride, and is pretty affordable (around $20) for travelers. The ticket office for the cave will be just past the fence surrounding the attraction, and tickets can be purchased without ever leaving the car. For those who have rented a car in the Dominican Republic, there's ample parking (roughly 50 spots) for anyone who decides to drive themselves, instead.

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