There's no denying Alaska's natural beauty, and there's plenty people don't know about this state. Everyone has a reason for visiting this vast wilderness - whether it's to explore the wild animals that roam its mountainsides, to witness breathtaking views for themselves, or just to get away from the city life. Whatever the reason might be for exploring this beautiful state, there are definitely some things that everyone should add to their bucket lists.

Fuel your wanderlust and take a chance at experiencing something you can't explore anywhere else, at least not quite in the way a person can in Alaska. Without even leaving the country, travelers have the chance to witness glaciers in action, incredible wildlife in their natural habitats, and mountain ranges that rival what most people have ever seen in the states.


Witness The Northern Lights For Yourself

It's true that the northern lights can be seen elsewhere in the world, but seeing them from Alaska is quite a unique experience. The light show begins just after midnight between September and April.

While it will be cold, the view will be worth it - watching technicolor streaks of light blaze up the night sky will make anyone forget about the temperature. It's a magnificent display by Mother Nature and one that's untouched by any light pollution or noisy city.

Visit Denali And See Alaska's True Wilderness

Denali National Park can be seen in a variety of ways. For those who aren't keen on exploring it on foot, the transit bus is one of the most affordable ways to see the magic without having to hike. There are also private and plane tours for those looking for a bit more, each led by an experienced guide.

For the adventurous hikers, there aren't many marked trails in Denali, but the ones that are will be close to the entrance. For unmarked treks, go with an experienced guide or local, and never alone or unprepared.

Seek Out A Glacial River

The mountain ranges in Alaska are expansive and do go through a water runoff each year. Along with the water comes glaciers, many of which melt by the time they get downhill.

These glacial rivers at the base of the mountains are crystal clear and pure, and truly a beautiful sight. For thrill-seekers, rafting tours are also offered on many on Alaska's major rivers, all led by experienced white water rafters.

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Go On A Bear-Viewing Tour

Don't worry - this type of tour is safe! Of course, it's unbelievably intimidating to stand face to face with an animal such as a bear, especially when Alaska is known for grizzlies. Trips can be booked by air or land, by either helicopter or by tour bus. Marine tours can also be booked for those interested in marine life, allowing both land and water views of wildlife and landscapes. Although it's pricey, those interested can head to Fairbanks to book a Polar Bear tour, in the city where the bears are most abundant and active. Polar bears are one of the most aggressive breeds, though, so this is not for the faint of heart!

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Take A Flightseeing Tour And See The Mountains From A Bird's Eye View

The most miraculous views are the ones you can't climb to - at least when it comes to Alaska. Hiking Denali is a trek for only the experienced climbers, but seeing it from the air takes no experience at all. This isn't the only mountain travelers can see, though, and Alaska offers many flight tours throughout the state.

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