Korcula Island offers a unique combination of spectacular nature, ancient cultural traditions, as well as, modern tourism. The Island is packed with stunning bays and beaches, olive groves and vineyards that have lived for many years, unique dining spots and vacation homes, a beautiful old city, and old villas. Most visitors travel to Korcula for a few days while others go for a day trip, mostly from Dubrovnik. Featuring mild and low hills with both smaller and larger fields, this island is a perfect destination for hiking and biking. While most travelers go hiking and biking in this area, there are a lot of other interesting outdoor activities making several days-vacation worth it. Here is what to see and do on Croatia’s Korcula Island.


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What To Do On Croatia’s Korcula Island

Cycling and biking

The peaceful country lanes and scenic pathways make Korcula Island a perfect destination for cycling and mountain biking. While there are no specific routes for cycling on this island, the available cycling facilities and the small pathways running through olive groves and vineyards – some of which guarantee incredible views – make this place an amazing spot for cycling and biking. The island's villages, including Pupnat, Zrnovo, Cara, and Racisce. Cycling routes include:

  • Korcula to Lumbarda cycle route: this route from Lumbarda passes through Kosovo, Gornje Blato, Humac, and Javic.
  • The cycling routes around Smokvica give travelers chances of exploring Babina, Cara, Zavalatica, and Brna.

Travelers can always rent bikes from the many local rental agencies found on the island. The bikes are rented on a daily or hourly basis, depending on a tourist’s needs – and there is a wide selection to consider. Mountain bikes, standard road bikes, and hybrid bikes are some of the types of bikes visitors can choose from.

Take A Wine Tour

Although known to be a rich cultural and historical site, Korcula Island is a famous wine-growing region in Croatia – and it produces one of the country's most famous white wines. One of the unique grapes grown here is posip, which is typically produced in the island's center around Cara, Smokvica, and Grk. Apart from Korcula Island, this grape is only grown in Lumbarda and nowhere else. Travelers can try the local wines in some of the numerous wine bars located in Korcula Town.

Enjoy Some Fresh Seafood

Surrounded by the Mediterranean, visitors can enjoy some of the most delicious fresh fish on the island. What could be more fun than eating a fresh fish caught on the morning of the same day? Travelers have an incredible opportunity of eating quality seafood and the best shellfish on a trip to Ston on the Peljesac mainland. Visiting Korcula Island offers some of the most delicious seafood prepared by knowledgeable chefs.

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Kayaking is one of the most interesting activities on Korcula Island. Kayaking here starts from Korcula Town’s western part through the St Nicholas’ Franciscan monastery in the ancient city walls’ direction. There are numerous beaches, sheltered harbors, islets, and bays to kayak to – so many stunning sea environments to enjoy. With the surface of sea waters, travelers can definitely enjoy the most beautiful view. Kayaking in Korcula Island offers tourists everything from moderate to more energetic experience.


One of the most popular outdoor activities on Korcula Island is hiking. There are various hiking routes on the island suitable for hikers of all levels. Whether one is looking to spend a whole day or just a short time, Korcula has perfect routes that pass through scenic areas with a guarantee of incredible views. The Popular hiking routes include Korcula Town – Kocje, Loop between Korcula Town and Forteca.

Things To See On Croatia’s Korcula Island

Lumbarda Village

Located on the island’s Eastern Cape, Lumbarda Village is an unspoiled picturesque scenery with a beautiful rocky coastline and crystal-clear sea waters surrounding it. The village has a stunning sandy beach and a rich cultural history to explore. There are also spectacular olive groves, varieties of win different specialties of local cuisine, and friendly locals.

Babina Bay

Situated on Korcula Island's north side, Babina was an old village with agriculture and fishing as the main activities and sources of income. Today it is urbanized, and it is a beautiful place to visit. The bay offers a nice and deep shade coming from the olive trees located near the seashore. Travelers should note that although this bay is urbanized, they must bring their own refreshments as there are no restaurants and cafés around.

Museum of Marco Polo

Built in 1323, Marco Polo Museum is the perfect spot to learn a full range of cultural delights Korcula Island has to offer. The museum was named after the famous Marco Polo, who is believed to have been born and raised in Korcula. Travelers will get the chance of exploring his epic tours, which mostly happened along the Silk Road – all available at this incredible museum.

Other Places To See On Korcula Island

Places like the Cathedral St Mark, the most spectacular building, the Bishop’s Palace, the Town Museum, and Moreska are all amazing spots to explore when visiting Korcula Island. Don’t forget to experience the Korcula Old Town, which has beautiful towers and walls, offering incredible photography opportunities. The Town Museum is situated in the palace of Gabriels, one of the most stunning romantic spots on Korcula Island. This palace allows travelers to explore other palaces, including Ismaelis and Arneri.

Croatia’s Korcula Island is a fascinating destination full of life and history – enough to make a vacation memorable.