Paris has always been a coveted romantic destination for everyone but it's just not in France. There is a Paris, in Ontario, Canada as well even though it's not one of the most sought-after destinations like the former. Being home to cascading waterfalls, ancient buildings, scrumptious food, picturesque spots, the charm of this place is the one to fall for.

What To Know Before Visiting Paris, Ontario

Established in 1850 and later with its amalgamation with the County of Brant in 1999, Paris is deemed as one of the prettiest towns of Canada. Well, the name isn't derived from Paris, France albeit the nearby deposits of gypsum commonly used to make Plaster Of Paris. Having quaint streets laced with warm cafes, boutiques, cobblestone buildings reflecting European vibes. It takes almost 1 and half hours to reach Paris, Ontario from Toronto.


Places To Explore In Paris, Ontario

Visit to Penman's Dam

Built over 100 years ago by the Penman clothing company, it provides water power for the mills. Although the spectacular sunset brimming with colors at dusk and the faux waterfall makes this place a beautiful retreat for relaxation.

Also known as "Lighting of the Paris Falls', the best view can be seen from William Street Bridge. Also, many people can be seen with their kayaks and canoes over here and a beautiful boardwalk leads to the Grand River.

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Adventures At The Grand River

Grand River is one of the popular destinations for kayaking. If not kayaking, one can also opt for tubing over here. Apart from this rafting is another well-known outdoor practice over here.

Although it isn't massive whitewater like Ottawa Whitewater, it can be a decent place for trips. You can also book kayaking trips with the Grand River Rafting Company.

Take A Cobblestone Tour

One of the city's signatures is cobblestone buildings and incredible architecture. Built around 1800, this art style was built by the New York architect, Levi Boughton.

While doing a street tour, you may feel the essence of European vibes throughout the city.

See The Lion's Park

This Trail in Lion's Park is a beautiful trail to stroll and also where fishermen try their luck with fishing. Most importantly, it is well equipped with signs and stops featured in Braille for visually impaired people as well. The Lion's Park also has a swimming pool, picnic tables, jungle gyms, amphitheater, and hiking trails.

Shop At Wincey Mills

A weekend market filled with local food stalls and boutique shopping,  the market has been a heritage for the city since 1889.

Be it local breads, artisan cheese, beer, desserts, or souvenirs or flowers, the vibe over here spells adorable.

Dining On Paris Patios

Stillwaters Plate and Pour & Capeesh are two famous patios with a vast menu and primarily scenic views with an elegant ambiance. Capeesh specializes in pizzas and has an assortment of menus to choose from such as Greek, Indian, Thai, and so on while Stillwaters focuses on local cuisine.

The owner of Stillwaters is also from Food Network's Top Chef Canada.

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Events In Paris, Ontario

Paris is home to many fascinating events. A few of them are as follows:

Maple Syrup Festival

Hosted by the Lions Club Of Paris, this festival is held around April 9. It is one of Canada's largest festivals where the maple extraction process is shown through sugar bush tours.

It is sort of a fair that also involves delectable maple treats made with fresh maple syrup, straight from the sap of maple trees.

Great Canadian Butter Tart Festival

Held in October, this festival is a fantastic time to taste one of the local treats of Canada, i.e butter tarts.

Bakers come around to compete for Canada's Best Butter Tart and there is this whole celebration around.

Paris Drinks Fest

This festival will be held around August 2022 and one can bask in the splendor of great beer, wine, cider, food, and live music.

Celebrated downtown under the trees and on the bank of Nith River, the event primarily is about brewing drinks & great music.

Lodging & Accommodations In Paris

When considering accommodation in Paris, one can choose from the following lodging options.

The Arlington Hotel

One of the highly recommended hotels for staying is the Arlington Hotel. Located at 106 Grand River, Paris Ontario, it offers a mesmerizing view of the river as well as the downtown. The standard cost for one night with breakfast is 169$ while a night with a three-course meal, stay and breakfast costs up to 250$. It has an amazing dining, library bar, well-equipped amenities, and has 23 rooms in total displaying classic to eclectic with a quite historic feel overall.

The Carriage House Flat

A beautiful property overlooking the woods and has exceptional reviews. Just an 11 minute walk from St Paul's United Church in Paris, this property has patios, a golf course, and quite well-equipped rooms. Other activities like hiking, canoeing, and fishing are also available. It has the highest rating amidst all the lodging options

ASA Wolverton House

A carriage house with an open concept flat, three queen beds, heated floors, and a fireplace, the place has the location of Grand River, South Paris, Ontario. Charged around 150$ per couple, This place revives Greek style and was built around 1850s. It has a rating of 4.6 stars overall.

Hampton Inn & Suites By Hilton Brantford Conference Centre ON

The ambiance of a contemporary hotel, this place is a 9km Drive from the Northridge Public Golf Course and the Sanderson Centre for The Performing Arts. The rooms are well equipped with amenities and have a rating of 4.3 stars overall.

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