There are four countries with Guinea in their name: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, and Papua New Guinea. The first one stands out because it has a varied landscape that caters to all types of travelers. It is bordered by the humble nations of Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea-Bissau.

It has a breezy Atlantic coast, lush highlands, expansive savannahs, and a mountainous forest region. With such diverse geographical areas, Guinea is the perfect place to be one with nature. Add its bustling city into the mix, and visiting this West African country means an adventure of a lifetime.

10 Conakry

Guinea’s capital Conakry is the nation’s economic and cultural center, making it a busy place tourists might want to dive in.

It is filled to the brim with sightseeing sites aside from its coastal spots. For starters, tourists can explore Sandervalia National Museum or take a photo by the Monument du 22 Novembre 1970.

For some architectural awe, they should drop by Palais Mohammed V, the cathedral, and the mosque.

What takes the cake, however, is the Keita Fodeba Centre for Acrobatic Arts, where visitors can check out performances of some of the most talented Africans.

9 Waterfalls

The port city of Conakry is humid, so it’s just right when tourists would want a dip but not in its Atlantic waters.

Luckily, Guinea is home to some stunning waterfalls that are easy to fall in love with. In the town of Pita, the waterfalls of Kambadaga and Kinkon should not be missed as they won’t disappoint.

Dalaba has Chute de Ditinn, one of the country’s tallest, while Labé is proud of Saala’s step-like falls.

Guinean cascades might not be as stunning as the Victoria Falls, but they are charmers nonetheless.

8 Badiar National Park

When in Africa, a visit to a national park is automatic.

Guinea is proud of Badiar National Park, a 100,000-acre destination near the capital, making it the perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

It has a breathtaking landscape of savannas, woodlands, and forests home to chimpanzees, colobuses, storks, elephants, pythons, antelopes, leopards, kobs, hyenas, baboons, and many more.

The list goes on, so wildlife watchers and birders will have a fun day exploring this paradise. Badiar is a good place for animals and travelers.

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7 National Park Of Upper Niger

The National Park of Upper Niger is another stunning Guinean reserve. This is an important conservation area not just in the country but in West Africa.

Its woodlands, bushlands, and riparian forests are home to many mammals like elephants, manatees, pangolins, primates, hogs, and otters, among others.

This 1,200-acre park is home to a tropical dry forest that’s one of the last in the region.

Exploring the National Park of Upper Niger means having the best river views and guaranteed acquaintance with some critters.

6 Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

Guinea has a UNESCO World Heritage Site shared with Ivory Coast: Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve.

It is a vivid destination with lush mountains, highlands, rivers, and springs.

With such wondrous ecological areas, some endemic species call this place home, like horseshoe bats, toads, and chimpanzees that use stones as tools. UNESCO praised its dense forest filled to the brim with flora and fauna.

This park is well-protected, hence the mention of strict in its name.

When tourists explore this destination, they will be one with nature in no time.

5 Beaches

Conakry is home to Îles de Los, a group of islands popular for its beaches and forests.

There are daily boat rides from the city proper for those who want to experience the sun and sand of this welcoming archipelago.

The country’s maritime region is home to stunning shores, like the beaches of Bel-Air, Takonko, Benarés, and La Jetée.

Thanks to the Atlantic breeze and the cool waters, beachcombing, picnicking, swimming, and sunbathing on Guinean shores means having sun-kissed memories unlike any other.

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4 Fouta Djallon

Hikers should be excited about Fouta Djallon, the country’s highland region.

It is packed with rolling grasslands, rivers, jungle canyons, valleys, and Mount Loura, all working together to create a trekking paradise.

With such a landscape, it’s easy to understand why Fouta Djallon is nicknamed the Switzerland of West Africa. What makes trekking in this part of the world unique is the guaranteed sighting of chimpanzees.

That, plus its lush terrain, makes any hike in Fouta Djallon rewarding and inspiring.

3 Ziama Massif

If tourists can’t get enough of Guinean natural wonders, they should head to Ziama Massif, where a lush mountain range awaits explorers. It is home to a biosphere reserve praised by UNESCO for its dense forest.

The plateaus, valleys, ridges, peaks, cliffs, and outcrops of this mountainous area work together for the community of critters and curious travelers.

Wildlife watchers, birders, and hikers will have a satisfying time trudging the trails of Ziama Strict Nature Reserve. Determined souls who want to conquer this region will go home with unmatched experiences.

2 Gardens

Tourists who want a quick rest while exploring Guinea’s busy cities are in for a treat, thanks to the presence of gardens.

In Conakry, travelers can have a breather in Jardin 2 Octobre or Jardin Botanique.

The former has a playground, perfect for travelers with kids, while the latter is home to many trees giving shade to walkers.

In the town of Dalaba, meanwhile, there’s the magnificent Jardins Auguste Chevalier that has been around since 1908, a place where Asian and European plants thrive. Guinea is blooming, indeed.

1 Shopping Areas

Sure, memories are the best souvenirs, but tourists should still drop by Guinea’s shopping areas, where they might catch good deals.

In Labé’s Central Market, foodies will enjoy scouring for tasty treats. In Dalaba, Cooperative des Cordonniers welcomes those who want to buy leather products made by artisans.

The city of N’zérékoré, meanwhile, has an exhibition center where Guinean arts and crafts are the stars.

The capital Conakry doesn’t want to be overshadowed because it has the large market of Madina.

Business is booming, and so are the auras of Guinean tourists.