Land-Locked may not always be an ideal description when looking for a travel destination, but the unique environment and locations in Durango make it an ideal travel spot.

Enjoy the dry air arid weather with scenic desert and lush microclimates that give Durango a diverse feel. Take a poke around some historical sights while enjoying some delicious food.

What to know about the History of Durango before visiting

Victoria de Durango is the capital city of Durango. It gets its name from Guadalupe Victoria who was one of the key fighters for Mexican independence and the first president of Mexico. On July 8th, 1563, the city was founded. It is located at 6,200 feet above sea level.


The city is also famous for being the home of Francisco “Pancho” Villa, who would become a hero of the revolution. He originally worked for a wealthy landowner but was forced to kill his boss to protect his mother and sister.

the Reserva de la Biósfera Mapimí is a desert region in Durango that has been dedicated to the research of fauna and flora. The scenery of Reserva de la Biósfera may also be familiar as it commonly showed up in old westerns featuring John Wayne and directors John Huston and Sam Peckinpah.

  • Area - 47,665 miles² (121,776 km²), 6.2 % of the national territory
  • Population - 1.6 million
  • Terrain - quite mountainous with the Sierra Madre to the west.
  • Minimum Altitude - 3,200 feet (1,000 m) above sea level.
  • Highest Peak - is Cerro Gordo with an elevation of 10,960 feet (3,340 m) above sea level.
  • Climate - mostly dry year-round; in the higher parts of the mountains temperate with an average temperature of 60°F (16°C), and snow in wintertime
  • Plant Life - pine, cedar, and oak trees in the mountains; fruit trees and pastures in the plains as well as cacti and agave in the arid regions
  • Animal Life - deer, wolf, coyote, rattlesnake, scorpion, and a variety of birds

How to Get to Durango

Durango has an international airport, General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, and some good bussing options to get you where you need to go.

What to Do in Durango when you arrive

Visit the Capitals Historic Center

In the capital, you can find the historic center. It is one of Mexico's finest and draws visitors with its parks, plazas, and charming colonial buildings. The former prestigious Seminario de Durango is one of the outstanding colonial buildings in the area. This is where Guadalupe Victoria studied philosophy and rhetoric. The seminary houses are now part of the Universidad Juárez. You can then take a cable car up to the top of the Cerro de Los Remedios to enjoy panoramic views of the whole city.

Tour Visiting the Malpais

Malpais is a microclimate that favors orchards and has aging coining the most representative cuisine of the state. It also has beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and springs that have water year-round. This gives the landscape a surprising beauty. A tour here will take you through the cradle of miscegenation where you can travel the Camino Real Tierra and experience its history.

  • Duration - 4-5 hours
  • Contact - +1 (855)275-5071
  • Cost - $36.93

Paseo del Viejo Oeste

Paseo del Viejo Oeste is a great stop for anyone who is a fan of westerns. You can join in on the fun and partake in one of their western shows. You can also simply relax and enjoy the food and entertainment that’s provided

  • Social Media - Facebook
  • Contact - +52 (618)137-4386
  • Cost - Adults: $50, Kids: $30

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Catedral de Durango

The Old Parish of the Assumption was built in 1563, during the first year of the Government of Francisco de Ibarra. His Holiness Paul V created the Bishopric of Durango. On October 11, 1620, Philip III, King of Spain, sent a request to Rome and it was raised to the category of Cathedral.

The Parroquia de la Asunción was a simple Cathedral, unfortunately, it had a very short duration, only 11 years, since it caught fire in 1634. The night before the Corpus Christi festival, a firecracker fell on the straw roof of the Temple, burning everything even much of the written records on the life of the Cathedral in the state of Durango

  • Social Media - Twitter
  • Address - Ave. 20 de Noviembre s/n, Downtown, 34000
  • Contact - (618)812 5077
  • Cost - $15.00 pesos for Guided Tours (additional per person), $10.00 pesos for seniors, $5.00 pesos for students with ID

What to Eat in durango

la deli by Wallander

Wallander is a cafe and deli fusion that offers high-quality choices that you would expect from both. With great reviews, this is a great stop for a recharge.

  • Address - Calle Independencia 128, Durango 34000 Mexico
  • Contact - +52 618 811 7705
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - salmon omelette

Fonda de la Tia Chona

Another popular spot without a negative review in sight, Fonda de la Tia Chona does Latin Mexican dishes and is an incredibly popular destination.

  • Address - 110 Calle Nogal barrio del calvario Centro Historico, Durango Mexico
  • Contact - +52 (618)811-7748
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - Chiles Rojos in pineapple sauce and the mole Verde

Mendoza Restaurante Galería

Mendoza Restaurante Galeria is a Mexican Latin restaurant that specializes in mutton but also does other traditional dishes. Its birria is renowned so give it a try.

  • Address - Calle Hidalgo 317 Corredor Dolores, Durango 34000 Mexico
  • Contact - +52 (618)811-5643
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - Mendoza's birria

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