The Philippines is like paradise on Earth, with its majestic beaches, warm locals, and exotic cuisine. This Southeast Asian country is home to popular tourist hotspots like Borocay, Bohol, and Palawan. Each destination is renowned for its vegetation and tropical beaches (as some places may even be underrated travel destinations too!). Tourists who visit this archipelago nation will love its stunning landscapes and its eclectic variety of street foods. However, prospective travelers should remember to pack a couple of essential items before visiting the Philippines. These items will come in handy for backpackers and travelers touring the country.

From sunscreen to cash, check out these important items all travelers should bring when traveling to the Philippines!

10 Sunscreen

It’s no secret that the Philippines is hot, being a tropical country and close to the equator. Therefore, it’s safe to bring a bottle of sunblock, especially when traveling to pretty remote locations. It’s also great to buy sunblock safe for coral reefs–this little conscious purchase will do great wonders for wildlife in popular areas like El Nido.

9 Baseball cap (Or Sunhat)

In the Philippines, walking outside a busy city street in broad daylight can be excruciating because of the harsh sun. Even while swimming, the sun rays can harshly beam down on tourists cooling off in the water. Some people are more prone to sunburn than others. Even with a generous smear of sunscreen, a sturdy baseball cap can slow down the harsh rays harshly shining down on one’s head. A light sunhat made of straw or another breathable material can also be a great (and cute) fashion statement while enjoying the beach in Palawan or Siargao!

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8 Cash

Bringing a credit card is not a bad idea. Still, tourists should always keep some cash on hand in the Philippines, which will come in handy for paying fare with a taxi or for paying Jeepney fare. Tips in restaurants are also appreciated with cash. In addition, ATMs abound and are plentiful at malls–especially in Manila’s gigantic Mall of Asia. As a tip, travelers can keep some cash in their local currency when heading to the Philippines. They can simply exchange their money at several money exchanges at the mall, which is likely cheaper than at the airport!

7 Toilet Paper

Some public restrooms in the Philippines may not have toilet paper–instead, a tabo is used. To use a tabo, clean water is scooped from a pail, and after going to the washroom, one is supposed to clean that area (think of it as a manual bidet). Though it’s relatively common in the Philippines, travelers who aren’t comfortable with the tabo should bring a roll or two during their trip (just make sure the toilet paper is disposed of properly)!

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6 Light Running Shoes

For the third time in this article, the Philippines is a hot travel destination, both in popularity and temperature! That said, clunky hiking boots may not only take up space in a luggage bag but may also be unnecessary. While sticking to clothing with breathable fabric, invest in some lightweight running shoes to withstand hiking on uneven terrain and muddy trails!

5 Tsinelas (Or Sandals)

Tsinelas–or sandals–are commonly worn in the Philippines because of their convenience (and sometimes durability). However, the temperatures can be scalding, so wearing socks and clunky shoes can be uncomfy for feet. Also known as flip-flops, this kind of footwear is easy to carry in a suitcase (or even in one’s carry-on).

4 Swim Suit

With the beauty of the Philippines ’ beaches, a traveler would be remiss to travel to this country if they didn’t try swimming at the beach at least once. So suit up, go to the beach, and soak up the sun in the country’s white-sand beaches! Accidentally forgot a pair of swimming trunks? Resorts and malls (especially in major cities like Manila) are filled with shops and boutiques to buy last-minute swimwear!

3 Beach Coverup

A simple beach coverup is just the piece of clothing a traveler needs to walk around the beach after a nice swim. It’s also a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn underneath swimsuits while enjoying a drink at a beachside restaurant or bar.

2 Medication for Nausea and Upset Stomach

Snorkeling excursions and island hopping often involve small boats or ferries. The crashing waves against the boat may feel nauseating for some travelers. Luckily, there are over-the-counter options to combat feelings of nausea while boat-riding (or even during flying).

Likewise, travelers may experience upset stomachs or irregular bowel movements during their trip to the Philippines, perhaps due to the unfamiliarity of the street food cuisine or climate. Again, there are over-the-counter options that a traveler can consider bringing with them, but speaking to a healthcare practitioner for the best option is always a good idea!

1 Snorkeling Gear

There are thousands of islands in the Philippines, each blessed with crystal clear waters, teeming with coral reefs and marine life. With that said, travelers must try snorkeling in the Philippines at least once during their vacation to experience its beauty.

Some tour operators may offer snorkeling gear (such as goggles and a snorkel) as part of the experience. Thus, some travelers may be uncomfortable that the gear may not be cleaned as thoroughly as one may like. Remember, snorkeling excursions are popular, so imagine how many tourists use the same gear beforehand. Instead, tourists can pack their own snorkel and goggles in their suitcase!

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