Cape Cod is one hell of a travel destination because of several reasons. Many are excited by its beautiful, rolling landscape; fried clams, lobster rolls, and other mouthwatering seafood; scenic walks or rides in a cool, rustic environment; and a dozen other enjoyable activities that would make for a perfect summer vacation. If one includes the many stunning beaches that the island is hugely famous for, the idea of a packing bag will surely start creeping into the mind. That’s the reason we’ve put up this guide, so travelers can know how to pack for one week on Cape Cod.


Of course, this may not be a cast-in-stone rule book. Many things will still depend on particular situations and circumstances. Still, it’s an important rubric that’ll come in handy, especially for those traveling to Cape Cod for the first time. Let’s dive in.

What To Pack For A Summer Vacation In Cape Cod

For a summer vacation to Cape Cod, travelers should make it casual. That means forgetting about the suits, the fancy seersuckers, and the bow ties. Cape Cod is feverishly casual and laid-back. This means one should pack jeans, perhaps denim, instead. However, slacks or linen pants are also a classy and comfortable alternative for summer vacation to Cape Cod. Linen pants are perfect to wear to the beach over a swimsuit—or to a moonlit dinner by the beach or in a restaurant. For someone who’s chosen linen pants, flat shoes are the most suitable compliment downstairs. In truth, the same applies to slacks. So sneakers, preferably white, or even sandals must just find their way in the packing bag. Most people like to travel light. It saves one the energy of frantically pulling suitcases on crowded streets and the money that most airports charge for extra luggage. And while there are many tips for light packing, three pairs of pants are usually just enough for a week’s summer vacation.

What Tops Should One Wear (And Pack) To Cape Cod

Of course, one can never really go wrong with tees. Depending on a person’s style, a V-neck, icon, or scoop neck—are all just fine. Again, these are tops you can wear both to the beach, in a restaurant, or, if hiking is on the cards, on a trip to the Great Island Trail—one of the best in the whole Bay State. For a week, a man will need just about one tee for each day. For some change, a short-sleeved button-up is an excellent alternative. For ladies, about four is fine. And if a lady, a dress or two, preferably bodice-style sundresses, can elegantly cover for the remaining days. And regardless of the gender, a hat may certainly be helpful as it can get up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, especially in July. And aside from just being helpful, some nice Panama hat can make for a dashing appearance. However, a baseball hat is also just as elegant. This done, about two tank tops may be a wise addition.

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Then, even if one is going for a summer vacation, the weather will not always be summer-like. There’ll be hours, especially in the evenings, that the weather will swing somewhere between cool and cold. So, it’s a fine piece of advice to carry something warm. Therefore, put two or three sweatshirts in the packing bag. A pair of sweatsuits and an equal number of windbreakers should be enough. If you can’t bear the slightest cold, throw in a sweater or a hoodie.

What To Wear (And Pack) To The Beach In Cape Cod

Cape Cod is mainly a beach destination. Therefore, what to wear to the beach may have to be packed first. For a week's visit to Cape Cod, two or three swimsuits should be enough. One can be left to dry, as the other is on the body. If surfing is on the cards, at least a wetsuit should be neatly folded in the bag. If surfing is not on the cards, a wetsuit may not be necessary. But a raincoat is a must-pack. Travelers shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that since it’s summer, it will just be sunny and sweaty throughout. Even though it rains to a lesser degree and frequency in summer, Cape Cod still usually sees some rains, sometimes even accompanied by fierce thunderstorms.

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Also, when going whale-watching, a raincoat, or something waterproof, can come in handy. Another important item is a beach bag.

Miscellaneous Items To Pack For A Week's Visit To Cape Cod

Of course, a towel, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, and undergarments should be packed if one is going to spend a week in Cape Cod. For sleeping, one or two cotton shorts is all one may need. Nights at Cape Cod can be warm, sometimes even uncomfortably humid.

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There are other items one may want to pack, which, however, depends on a person’s situation and preference. One of these is sunscreen to protect the eyes from the summer heat and sunscreen lotion. A camera is something one will want to pack as well. For those who’ll use a plane to land at Barnstable Municipal Airport, there are 10 things to pack in your carry-on that are more important than you think. With this inside your travel bag, one should brace himself for quite a stunning destination that’s one of the most attractive in New England.